Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How it really was

Right For Scotland comments on Jim "the Drone" Sheridan's resignation letter.
In conclusion can I say that your domestic agenda has transformed the lives of millions of our citizens and I am proud of the achievements our government has secured.

Shit hospitals that will kill you. Shit schools that turn out ignoramuses and cover it up with pointless exams that everyone expects to get easier every year. Merger of the Scottish regiments instead of actually recruiting more soldiers. Devolution that is threatening to tear the country apart. Botched Lords reforms and corruption of that House for Party Financial gain. Automatic remission for prisoners. The minimum wage, a tax on the small business and a restraint on our productivity. 80 odd tax rises including keeping the personal allowance static while implementing the minimum wage thereby ensuring that millions of people in menial jobs paid a lot more tax to Gordon. Peter Mandelson. Engaging a sexual predator as Deputy Prime Minister. I could go on but that is enough for 30 seconds banging at a keyboard. Nothing to be proud of Jim - not a thing.

No, no, no, RfS: before Chuckles and his merry men came along, everyone in the country was starving and the country was on the brink of destruction; everyone smoked 200 fags a day, drank themselves into a stupor before mainlining some smack, beating their children to death with a pint glass, medical care was unknown, pensions unraided unheard of and all poofs were ritually hanged from the nearest (unlit) lampost. Surely you know this? Until 1997, Britain was in the period that we know as The Dark Ages.

Isn't that how it goes, Chuckles, you shitty cuntbag?


Prodicus said...

Thus Francis Beckett, historian beloved of the left:

"By the time Attlee left office in 1951, Beveridge's 'five great needs' had been abolished. And Thatcher destroyed all Attlee's achievements."

So... Attlee abolished 'want' in all its manifestations, and Thatcher, er, reinstalled it. Got that?

Quite sweet, really, how they live in fairyland. The bastards.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what this country used to be like. How grateful we should be that Saint Anthony of Blair rescued us in 1997! Our dear leader should be idolised, not reviled, you traitorous scum!

The thing is, some people think a bit like this. That they do fills me with utter terror.

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