Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How clever am you?

Via Nosemonkey, Matt T has worked out a system to equate your A-Level results with that which people gain today...
We've all been at a party or BBQ when some youngster (or their parents these days) starts to brag about their 5 A-grade A-levels (see picture to the left). You splutter, "but they were harder in my day!", and half-heartedly they agree, before continuing "but really Six A-levels, isn't that an achievement?". With today's results again showing a gain, the problem can only get worse.

What you were lacking was a way to quantify just how much easier they have got, and thus what grades you would have received if you were sitting them today.

Now in its second year, this handy ready-reckoner means the end to that situation, as it tells you exactly what your grades would be worth in today's debased currency.

Your humble Devil obtained 3 Bs (Biology, English Literature and Art & Design) and a D (fucking Chemistry) in 1995, which gives a total of 28 x 1.29 = 36.12 = 36. This means that I get uprated to 3As and a C! However, I also retook Chemistry in January 1996 and moved up to a C grade. Using the relevent multiplier takes that to 7.5 which, rounding up as one should, means that I did, in fact, get a B.

Therefore, by today's standards, your humble Devil is actually possessed of 3 As and a B. Hoorah!

As Nosemonkey says, can I change my CV now?

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