Thursday, August 31, 2006

He's innocent, you cunts

Via Timmy, what the fucking shit is this all about?
AN IRAQI minicab driver cleared yesterday of making videos of potential terrorist targets was immediately placed under a Home Office control order to restrict his movements, The Times has learnt.

Rauf Abdullah Mohammed, who came to Britain as an asylum-seeker six years ago, was found not guilty of four charges of making or possessing a video of potential terrorist targets, including Big Ben and the London Eye.

What the fuck is going on? In case these bastards haven't realised, Big Ben and The London Eye are fucking tourist attractions; videoing them may be crass but it's hardly a criminal offence for god's sake! Are they going to start arresting all the tourists that video or take still pictures of all of our monuments? Perhaps they are going to hang a massive fucking banner on Big Ben saying, "strictly no video or photography allowed".

Still, despite having been through the trauma of being dragged through the courts, at least the poor guy was found innocent so he can now go back to his job, right?
Minutes after the verdict, he was placed under a control order which allows the Home Office to restrict where he goes and who he meets. An order can also curb access to telephones and the internet and permit police to enter a suspect’s home at any time.

What the hell is going on? As Curious Hamster once said, 1984 was a warning, NOT A FUCKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL, you cunts.

I mean, what the fucking hell is next? Are the government going to start offering cash rewards for children dobbing in their parents? Or do this shower of shits expect the wee scallies to do it gratis, for Britain and The Party. Probably.
Civil liberties groups last night criticised the issuing of the control order for Mr Rauf, saying that it amounted to a secretive, watered-down version of a conviction.

Well, actually it is the Home Office deliberately removing the freedoms of a man who has been found innocent of doing anything at all. Fuck me, it's a bit fucking late for 1984 to be a warning: we are living in it already. And the word from those defenders of freedom, The Conservative Party? Erm... hello? Oh, no, they are completely fucking silent, as per fucking usual.
The prosecution alleged that [Mr Rauf] had toured London, listening to music that praised martyrdom and speaking of killing Western leaders, including Tony Blair.

Well, I guess that last makes me a fucking terrorist then: god knows I've called for Chuckles Blair's head on a fucking silver platter enough times. I've also talkied about hanging him, shooting him in the face and raping him to death with a broken champagne bottle. I know, let's repeat that one, shall we?
Tony Blair: I want this man beaten, shat on and anally raped to death with a broken champagne bottle. He is not fit to live, by virtue of the fact that he is an unmitigated cunt, fuckwit, charlatan, bastard, evil fascist piece of shit with all of the virtues and morals of a dog turd. Fuck him, fuck his face and fuck his fucking boot of a wife.

Chuckles is an arse of the very first water; no, let me rephrase that. Because, you see, to call him an arse is to imply that he is merely an incompetent, rather than the actively dangerous, fascist shitbag that he actually is. You are as dangerous as a cunt with teeth, a bastard charletan piece of fascist dog-poo and a bugger. Now, will you do us all a favour and FUCK OFF! And take John "bulldog licking piss off a nettle" Reid with you; I hate the both of you.

And not in a good way.

Don't get me wrong: when you read the rest of the article, there are some fairly dodgy things about Mr Rauf, including the fact that—having failed his driving test, he applied for a license in his brother's name—but that does not warrant a control order of any fucking sort.

Chuckles, you fucking retard, read my fucking lips: innocent until proven guilty. Have you got that, you fucking chimp?


wonkotsane said...

It doesn't do you any good to keep your agression bottled up. Come on, let it out - tell us what you really think. :o)

Anonymous said...

"...having failed his driving test, he applied for a license in his brother's name—but that does not warrant a control order of any fucking sort."

Quite right. It warrants a deportation order. Why the fuck do we have to waste all the time and money endlessly dragging these pieces of shit through the justice system? If you want to claim asylum you should keep you're nose clean or find yourself renewing your acquaintance with the gentlemen with the pliers and the cattle prods or whatever you've convinced the Home Office you're fleeing from.

Anonymous said...

It turns out that Rauf Abdullah Mohammed was the driver in the car which in December 2004 dropped off Muktar Ibrahim Said (the July 21st 'non-bomber' petty criminal who managed to obtain British Citizenship & hence a passport) at Heathrow Airport.

Rauf Abdullah Mohammed was described as being under Mi5 surveillance in 2004).

More info is here.

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