Thursday, August 31, 2006

God help the EU

Nosemonkey draws your humble Devil's attention to Angela Merkel's stupid suggestion that God should have a place in any EU Constitution.
"[the constitution] should be connected to Christianity and God, as Christianity has forged Europe in a decisive way"

As Colman points out, this means
"we should include references to absolute monarchy, discrimination against women and anti-semitism, all of which have also forged Europe in decisive ways."

Yup, quite apart from the fact that the Turks and the Muslims of the Parisian banlieus and southern Belgium are going to be thrilled with that one.
Why must we always have such second-rate minds in charge of working out where to go with the EU project?

I would have thought that that was obvious: because only second rate idiots who wish to continue drawing enormous salaries whilst being able to dodge any actual decision-making—shoving the responsibility onto the EU (and the unelected Commission*) instead—would ever want to get involved in any case.

Master Nosemonkey then continues in the comments:
However, generalising massively, some speculation on the off-chance that it does get spotted:

The usual anti-EU types who generally kick up a fuss when the constitution raises its head again will likely get confused by this, as there's usually a fair correlation between being anti-EU and (very) loosely high church Tory.

I am happy to disappoint.

In the meantime, M'Lord Cramner has a lengthy and very coherent post on this very subject: I suggest that you read it all.

* And look at who we've sent to the Commission in the last few years: Kinnock and Mandelson. One an embarrassing and tedious failure, the other a deeply corrupt, mendacious cunt (the latter the Commissioner for Trade but who has no grasp of economics). We send our fools, knaves and general embarrassments to the EU: do you think that the other EU states do anything different?


Mr Eugenides said...

In the circumstances, it seems to petty to note that certain German ideas have also "forged Europe in a decisive way"...

dearieme said...

Yeah, and can we have a mention of watermills, please? And railways. And the Duke of Wellington.

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