Monday, August 21, 2006

Fuck the infirm

In the name of shit, I am so pissed off about reading about the plight of "the very young, the elderly and the infirm" in our society as that organ—which I find increasingly irritating—Private Eye puts it in relation to Prescott's letter to the Daily Express.

You know what? Fuck them.

They are all looked after by somebody else. The "very young" are looked after by their parents, who receive a very healthy subsidy for doing so. The elderly, especially in Scotland, are looked after by taxpayers (and fucking slack nurses and aux'es, but that could be improved if the people in those jobs realised that they were looking after people rather than simply doing a normal clock-on, clock-off job). The infirm are similarly supported by the rest of us.

I'm fed to the back fucking teeth by this lot, really I am. Are the highest suicide rates amongst "the very young, the elderly and infirm"? No. They are amongst young men who, despite the incessant mosquito whining of women, are expected to bring in the lion's share of the money into a household; young men who worry about the constant bills and paperwork that they are subject to; amongst the young men who, despite this so-called women's lib., still feel the pressure to do something other than sit at home performing fuck-all.

I'm fucking sick of it. We have young people—mostly men—killing themselves left, right and centre and we are worrying—and expected to pay for—the least productive in our society: "the very young, the elderly and the infirm". What the fuck is going on?

Here is what is going on. We are allowing those with genetic diseases to reach the age at which they can breed; and suddenly we are surprised that the incidence of, for instance, cystic fibrosis is rising. D'uh. What the fuck do you expect? Why are there no geneticists joining any kind of debate?

We are worried about the elderly living so long: so why do we keep them alive after the time when many wished they were dead? We put down dogs when they are in incessant pain: why do we treat humans in a lesser way?

And, most of all, why do we feel that the only people worth support and help are those that already have it? Why do we feel that those young men killing themselves simply are not worth supporting? Now, you can call me stupid if you like, but I think that if we are going to support anyone, it should be those that are most patently not coping. Since committing suicide can be adequately described as "not coping" then if is young men that we should be supporting over anyone else.

So, frankly, fuck "the very young, the elderly and the infirm": they already have support. Let's help those with a future (unless they kill themselves first).


Anonymous said...

Jenny Murray and Polly Toynbee recently did a TV program about euthanasia. They were worried that, should they wish to attempt suicide when they become infirm, they would not be able to find anyone to assist. I don't think it would be hard for them to find someone willing to hold a pillow over their face... and why wait, there is no time like the present.

J Miller

Emily said...

Fuck me as well. I am the only one in my group of young mum friends in this town who expects her husband to do a near equal share of the housework. He works full time and I work part time. I look after all the finances and the paperwork. After eight years together, he only fully understood how to apply for a mortgage last year, because I had done it all previously. Slowly he is becoming interested in how much money we have to spare each month - particular as I will soon be on maternity leave and we will be utterly skint. I wrote about it here

All my other friends don't even know what is in the bank account. Many, even those working part time, are given an allowance by their husbands. Most just ask: "Is there enough money for a holiday yet?" Most of them do everything in the house. The husbands just read a story to the kids when they get home from work. I don't know what is worse, carrying the financial burden and getting away with the housework or a bit of both?

Infact I hardly know any men who parent and look after the house near equally in among my friends. It's just something we've always done. We've lived together for a long time and we've just always shared everything.

Incidentally, he is a teacher. He went through a really bad patch in the early days. He was teaching at a school in Bermondsey which was really rough and had a lot of social care demands. The pay was crap, the rent expensive and at the end of the month, after all the bills, he was left with less per week than when we were students. He used to cry a lot. I was worried because there had been a spate of suicides among young, male teachers (this was about 1998). I told him it would get better as he got used to the paperwork and the pay got better incrementally. It did get better and now he loves his job.

But there is no help for young men who feel desperate. It is hard for men to reach out for help. It is the same for those working in macho services. For example my 19 yo sister is serving in the RMP in Iraq at the moment. She has trench foot and blocked tear ducts. The trench foot is because she has been in 54 degree heat for weeks with no air condition in her crap tent in the camp (which she says looks like a refugee camp) and her feet have been sweating to fuck in her shit issue boots. The blocked tear ducts is because of the sand storms which swirl in the tents and into the vents in their crap issue googles.

They face death everytime they get into one of the shit snatch landrovers that are NOT armour-plated (despite what the MOD says) and are top heavy because all they've done is shove a load of guns on the top, altering the vehicle's gravity line. If a snatch gets blown up by an IED then it is severe injury and death, if an Australian vehicle gets blown up it is just a flat tyre as they are so well equipped.

The forces spend their wages on equipment to supplement their British issue kit at the US bases. They all have every single insurance cover you can imagine, from kit replacement to conflict area (although getting them to pay out is practically impossible). They have two weeks leave in the tour. This is so they are eligible for tax.

The stress is immense and the help they are getting to cope with that stress is utterly insufficient. When my sis finishes her tour, she will stay at her barracks for a week before being released to assess for PTSD (and we are talking about dealing with blown up bodies and sitting with them in a warrior back to base and her boyfriend being blown up by a suicide bomber). A week? Fucking hell. Useless. Plus it is very hard for anyone working in macho services (police, fire and army) to ask for help without stigma.

And now the defence budget has been hacked again and they are going to roll out 1961 tanks? Madness. Morale in the army has really sunk since most have had notice about deloyment in Afghanistan - the place all soldiers fear at the moment because of our useless hearts and minds mission in a place that makes Iraq look like a holiday village.

Sorry for random reply.

Tim Newman said...

Just out of curiosity, what's your issue with Private Eye?

Chairwoman of the bored said...

My life in your hands? I'm so happy.

Tom Paine said...

I know what you mean, DK. There are days when I could kill at the sound of the phrase "the most vulnerable members of society". It is no more than Labour code for "We want more of your money" or "give up some more of your freedom."

However, if I may respectfully say so, today you have found where the line is and - as your fans might expect - have crossed it decisively!

Even those of us now in the prime of life were once young, have hopes one day to be old (consider the unattractive alternative) and run the risk of being infirm.

Productive is good. Productive should be respected far more than it currently is. But we should spare an occasional, less-than-vitriolic thought for those who have yet to become, or have ceased to be, productive.

My bile is reserved for the millions who choose a life of unproductive idleness (or active mischief) at the expense of the honestly productive. There are surely enough of them to draw your fire from the innocently young, aged and infirm?

The Moai said...

During my lengthy university training in the subject, this ex-geneticist was advised: 'Don't even think about getting involved in genetic policy. If you're wrong they'll call you a monster and your career will be over, if you're right they'll call you a fascist.'

Professional genetic researchers avoid this debate because it is exactly that, a debate; and debates involve subjectivity, which makes scientists nervous, and they involve controversy, which ends careers.

An example: For health economics reasons, based on genetics, I personally believe consanguineous marriage should be banned. But they're not. Because certain sensitive minorities in marginal constituencies in this country practice them, extensively. My head above the parapet? No chance.

Martin said...


The physical symptoms of my Tourette's manifested themself at 21.

Just as well for me.

Neil Harding said...

DK: "We are worried about the elderly living so long: so why do we keep them alive after the time when many wished they were dead? We put down dogs when they are in incessant pain: why do we treat humans in a lesser way?"

I think you will find religion is to blame. Just look how the religious body blocked the assisted dying bill the other week.

Martin said...


Religion's so inconveniently ethical, don't you agree? All that 'Thou shalt not kill' and 'Love your neighbour as yourself' stuff is just so - unprogressive.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Chairwoman and others,

I am not advocating that we should not have a mind for the "the very young, the elderly and the infirm". What does irritate me is that a government minister should feel that they are the only ones worth mentioning.

Tim, my issue with the Eye is their relentless anti-Israel bias, their irritating sanctimoniousness and the -- at heart -- Lefty agenda. I still read it (and find it interesting and informative) but throughout the whole runs a Leftist ethos, apparent in the writing of almost every article (but most especially in the "satirical" section) which I find increasingly grating as time goes by.


Martin said...


You wrote -

"We are allowing those with genetic diseases to reach the age at which they can breed"

So what's it to be they? Abort them, infanticide them, geld them or spey them?

Devil's Kitchen said...


It was more of an observation rather than a call to action. We cannot practise eugenics in that manner: this doesn't alter the fact that if we were thinking solely about the good of the human genetic stock, then that is what -- dispassionately -- we might do.


Martin said...


'The good of the human genetic stock'?


I rather think that in this instance good, to paraphrase Emperor Palpatine, is most certainly a point of view.

The bungled and the botched have their role to play.

Anonymous said...

That was like one of my articles in the days when I still had some bile---lovely!

Me, I like Private Eye precisely because of its anti-Israeli bias. But then I'm an xian and don't like seeing my co-religionists being bombed to shit by a Jewish religious state any more than by muslim religious nutjobs.

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