Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Childsnatcher

Quote of the day from the poor, little Greek boy whilst discussing the latest iniquities of the children's database.
Kidnap Jordan's baby? Why? Just to watch him bump into stuff?


Oh, and on the subject of the database, fuck off, Chuckles, you barbarian shitstick. Let's face it, I'd be more worried if I ever thought that the fucker was going to work, but there is a more serious point here, and I'm afriad that it involves 1984 again.

In that novel—which, until this lot got in, we were still able to dismiss loftily as pure paranoia—the Party of Big Brother always made a conscious effort to ensure that the children were got at very young. They were encouraged to spend the majority of their very early years in Polly's wonderful Sure Start State-sponsored nurseries, and were then actively encouraged to join various Party youth leagues and other such organisations.

The specific aim of this was to break the bond between children and parents; the children were encouraged to see Big Brother and The Party as mother, father and siblings. This not only made it much easier to encourage children to report their parents for thought-crimes—even those committed whilst asleep, as happens to Winston's unfortunate neighbour, Parsons—but also made it natural for them, when adult, to submit to the will of The Party.

So, upon finding that ID Cards and the Database State are rather unpopular amongst the adult generation—well, amongst those who have thought about it for more than five minutes—what should your move be? Obviously, you go for the children first; further, you do so on a pretext that will appeal to the latent parent in everyone, that desire to protect the children. Won't somebody think of the chiiiildren? How could anyone stand up against the Children's Database when it is brought in to save them from evil abusers?

There might even be a bit of a furore were, say, The Conservatives, as the next government, to decide to abolish it; the adult Database they have pledged to abolish, but the Kiddies one? Tricky. So, even were NuLabour out of power for a little while, by the time that they had got back in, they would have a whole generation of young adults who are used to being tagged, tracked and monitored wherever they go. And then, of course, it is so much easier to phase the same system in for adults.

So very, very easy...

Perhaps I am crediting the architects of NuLabour with too much forethought: but then, if I can think of it, I am sure that the thought may well have occurred to Chuckles and all of his merry friends. How long before we see those slogans, or soundbites like them, lining the streets...
    We must make war to have peace. Indeed. The Party was fond of eternal war. Who are we fighting this week? Serbia Eurasia or Islam Eastasia?

    An argument that is made by Lefties of my acquaintance and in The Guardian (and others) frequently: after all, the freedom to work when and as you like is also the freedom to starve because you can't work. And the government does enjoy telling us how much we can work, eh? You can only work forty hours a week because you need a work/family balance; but, you reply, I have no family. Well, you must breed, say the government, or our pension system will collapse...

    Do I need to elaborate on how well our state-funded schools have taught this to generations of children? It doesn't matter what you know, just what you feel, for if you act on what you feel then you are being true to yourself and that must be right, mustn't? After all, knowledge is just stuffy and stupid and, oh, it was all such a long time ago...

Paranoid? Maybe I am but I repeat: if I can think it so can those whom power has corrupted...

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