Friday, August 11, 2006

Can I ask a question?

Why is it that—when the police has said that there was a terrorist plot to blow up some planes, they have arrested a number of people, frozen their bank accounts (effectively naming them), grounded flights and caused, I would imagine, millions of pounds worth of disruption, no doubt pissed off the Muslim and socialists (who vote for them more often than not), searching homes and businesses across the country—people are still talking as though the government have made this shit up to keep us scared?

I even saw one lunatic—I can't remember where right now—who was suggesting that the whole thing was a scam, orchestrated by Blair, to stop a coup whilst he was out of the country. Are these people mad? What the hell is going on in this country?

If I see one more post that says something along the lines of "and isn't it convenient that this should happen just as... [insert Blair misdemeanor of your choice here]" I am going to scream. First it was "convenient that Israel should start bombing Lebanon just as more people die in Iraq", now it's "isn't this terror announcement convenient to take our minds off Israel/Lebanon/Iraq/Brown's coup/Toni's wig/whatever". Good god.

Oh, and while we are about it: why have all of these precautions and terror threat level upgraded after they have arrested the guys? Well, just maybe—and I know that this is stretching the bounds of fucking credibility—the police weren't entirely sure if they had got them all, or didn't entirely know whether these fuckheads were working with another bunch of tosspots or not. Just maybe, it's not to keep us scared but to, you know, keep us safer. Hey, I'm just throwing balls in the air right now...

Look, you all know that I'm no apologist for this government but I just think that they are awful, fascist fuckers in a small-time crook kind of a way; I just don't rate them as the Orwellian masterminds that some seem to.


MatGB said...

I find the timing and methods a little suspect. That Blair knew in advance, had briefed Bush, etc.

I haven't seen a "made this up" post (although I've no doubt they're out there), but I've seen a fair few fairly cynical about the timing of it and Reid's speech, for example.

I'm also a bit bothered about the way they shut LHR; given that they knew about it plenty of time in advance, that the raids and arrests were planned, and the tentative attack date was, apparently, next week. The massive disruption at LHR (and remember what I do for a living) could have both been handled better and planned for better.

Evil nasty bastards trying to blow up planes (especially planes with my kids on) need to be got. But evil nasty govt taking advantage of plots to create more scare, media panic and support for their spurious "giving up more freedoms" stuff?

That I can do without. MI5 appear to have done good, and I hope they have enough evidence to put them away for some time, but MI5 doing good in this legislative regime points me to believe that more legislation is just another Home Office power grab. As Clive puts it, something doesn't add up.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I'm afraid that I read that link and thought, "loon"! It's suspicious that Blair flew out to Barbados, instead of... doing what? What's he going to say? "Yeah, I'm not flying out because we'll be arresting some terrorists, who are trying to blow up some planes, the day after tomorrow".

That would give the game away just a tad, think ye not? I tend to find that telling criminals that you are about to arrest them in two days tends to ensure that aren't at home when you get around to it... Besides, what use would Blair be? It's Reid who goes on the raids, ain't it?

I mean, I take your point that they will attempt to make more draconian laws out of it but, hey, what you gonna do when the Opposition are let by a clueless pensioner and a glib ponce?


chris said...

I know there where posts expressing doubts, because I wrote one. The police finding the suicide video which one of the articles I rooted out said had happened has put them to rest. But I should not have had to have these doubts, not over something this important.

Under Thatcher, Major, and everyone before there was never any question that when people where arrested relating to a terrorist threat that there was a terrorist threat. It would sometimes turn out to have nothing related to the people arrested, but there was a terrorist threat. Labour have squandered public trust so much that even on these issues of national importance when everybody knows (or should know given the explosions of last year) that there is a threat there is still doubt about whether what we are being told has anything to do with it. This is a terrible situation and will leave a poisonous legacy for any government of any party that comes after them.

Anonymous said...

Wot chris sez, plus, after the WMD spin/lies/fiasco this govt [and following ones?] will forever be faced with the unanswerable accusation that 'well you lied about Iraq, and that led to thousands of deaths, so why should we believe you now?' And nowhere has this damaged trust more than in some of our 'communities'... so they make up nonsense and belive it.

The Remittance Man said...

Chris and 'non hit the nail one the head. The problem is trust and the fact few inteligent people have any in this government and its motives anymore.

The buggers have spun and lied far to many times for people to believe them even when common sense might indicate they are telling the truth.

Dammit, I'm the loon who actually says Reidie's doing a half decent job managing the situation and I still open the curtains and check when he says the sun has risen.


Sir Compton Valence said...

Heard a bit of this "it's all made up" stuff on PM yesterday and it quite took the breath away. I don't believe this Labour shower, mendacious though they are, would make it up just to keep us all cowed. Not even Dr Reid, dreadful man. Anyone who thinks they would is on a differet planet...on the other hand, I was nattering to a friend yesterday who said she'd seen some Muslim kid interviewed in one of the areas where some of the present arrestees live and this kid had said something to the effect that "everyone knows it was the American air force that knocked over the Twin Towers". That's some level of denial.

Slagella said...

Damn, and I'd just adjusted my wardrobe to Threat Level "Puce".

On a more serious note, if Topping & Butch are in Edinburgh, I suppose I can relax my T&B evasion techniques in Brighton?

Anonymous said...

That interview with the neighbour was on 'Newsnight' - it can be viewed on the BBC website. He states that he used to be in the British Army (though doesn't say as what) then in pratically the next breath claims that it wasn't Muslims that carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was 'the USAF'!

Conspiracy theorists are facinating, aren't they? Even some bloggers I quite like, and thought quite sensible (even if I didn't agree with their politics) have gone down the 'suspicious timing, all this, eh?' route.

It's sad, for all the reasons outlined above. There seem to be more & more people willing to be totally credulous about the most insane theories. They make the Flat Earth Society look normal.

Emily said...

Don't read my post about it then, DK. I think it is all a scam by the Daily Mail/NCT to get mothers to stop using formula and breastfeed more*

*an attempt at sarcasm

Gavin said...

Your theory about "why wait until afterwards to impose the restrictions" does not stretch the bounds of credibility at all. To do so earlier would have simply alerted the bombers to the fact that you're onto them. To do that before you're ready to nab them all would be rather silly.

ziz said...

The crunch will come when these people eventually appear in court and evidence has to be produced for a jury to consider.

So far the evidence adduced has been meagre, and much based on statements by people whose track record is distinctly flaky. Dumb Ox Clarke at the head of the list - remember Osmium tetroxide ? remember the "ricin " gang, who were going to grind apricot stones to make amygdalin paste to smear on door handles?. The CPS agreeing to prosecute in the NOW scam about "Red Mercury " that Clarke let happen.

Apparently this plot was "nipped in the bud" as the bombers leisurely selected the flights for 24 people to use when the air is full of returning students and their families as schools, /colleges return next week and all flights were booked up weeks ago ?

Peroxode bombs are a popular myth , difficult to make even with pure chemicals, lengthy and time consuming , requiring skill and well controlled reaction , and special cooling to store - no serious bomber would conmsider them. MX explosives are easily purchased and carried on planes in hand luggage the real problem is detonators.

I will be very surprised if this is not a group infiltrated who have never really got beyond the saloon bar stage .. wouldn't it be a good idea to bomb 2 , 4 no let's say 12 airliners from Heathrow to New York !"

Real terrorists do not use, mobiles, land line phones, the web, bank accounts, credit cards or fuck about with home made explosives made in airplane toilets. The first thing you know is, when they have done it. Viz 7/7 ...but they were not suicide bombers, merely dupes who carried the bombs.

Anonymous said...

"Real terrorists do not use, mobiles, land line phones, the web, bank accounts, credit cards or fuck about with home made explosives made in airplane toilets."

Like these ones?

Or did Charles Clarke & John Reid invent that one too, way back in 1995....?

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about conspiracy theorists is (a) they generally are quite ignorant about what they are theorising about and (b) get really, really upset when you knock their theories down.

To JuliaM - Each and every single thing that you said that "Real terrorists" don't use has been used by terrorists in the past.

As to what happened here - check out the rather similar event in Australia, a while back. Large group of domestic wanabes nabbed just as the Howard launched some major anti-terrorism legislation. The announcement had been timed to coincide with the arrests. Spin doctoring in the "good day for announcing this" style.

Anonymous said...

"To JuliaM - Each and every single thing that you said that "Real terrorists" don't use has been used by terrorists in the past."

Err....I didn't say it - it was 'postman' above (I put it in quote marks & italics to show it as a quote)!

I was refuting it, with the Bojinka link.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that it's actually more comforting to think that the country is being run be demonic lizard-Jews hell bent on enslaving the world than it is to see such a cunting rag-tag bunch of dildonic mother fuckers (Nu Labour) prancing about, talking the most unmitigated verbal diarrhoea and buggering you, the country and politics to an inch of it's life. That's the fucking conspiracy.

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