Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anyone seen an elephant?

ChickenYoghurt has a typically elegant post up about the whole smoking on cartoons and obesity furore.
Let’s have a bit of responsibility, shall we? Sure, cram yourself daft with buns on the sofa until you can’t fit through doors, like some kind of fashioned-from-lard ship in a bottle. Smoke until your mouth looks like a camel’s arse and your lungs resemble a pair of Odour Eater insoles. Drink until your liver is so tough it would choke Hannibal Lecter. But don’t blame anybody else but yourself if, rather than going out in a blaze of glory, you go out in an ooze of McFlurry.

The trouble is that throughout the whole post there is a massive elephant-sized hole which is, at least to me, desperately obvious.
We’ve been patronised and treated with contempt practically ever since we left the womb.

Well, that is fair enough; but by whom?
Whether it be from the farty physics teacher disdainfully chucking your F- back at you, the bank manager trying to suppress his giggles as he reviews your loan request, or the narcissistic boss who makes you feel like you’ve asked for a go on his mother rather than for a day off.

Ah. OK.
Add to that Prime Ministers and Presidents who, with a straight face, will tell you the only way to save our cherished freedoms is to give them away, and is it any wonder some people just give up? That people expect Somebody Else to do It for them? That those Somebody Elses then take the piss is only to be expected, really.

Hmmm, yes I think I see now; it is those nasty individuals that have induced this lack of responsibility in us, yes? Or could it be... the system? I have argued on a number of occasions that it is the Welfare State itself which is a major cause of this lack of responsibility; in fact, The Longrider summed it up very well.
So what went wrong? Why did my generation make such awful whingeing parents who demand that the state do everything for them, including thinking and raising their children? That Jack Glassett is on the point of surgery to resolve a lifestyle problem tells of something going horribly, horribly wrong. And, it isn’t just obesity, it’s everything. A problem these days seems to be appended with that statutory whine; “the government needs to do something”. Like these people have so little self worth, so little sense of personal responsibility that they can’t do anything for themselves. After all, Jack’s diet and exercise regime is his parents’ responsibility, not the state’s.

But, of course, for our very own ChickenYoghurt—who has made no secret of his Left leanings—to admit that it is the system itself which is at fault is a step too far. Instead, his fire is aimed squarely at the awful people who inhabit the system—with the exception of his "narcissistic boss": he's obviously had worse bosses than I—and even then he cannot bring himself to point out that, because of the way that our society works, it is always going to be the dregs, the failures, the self-aggrandising and the cunts that inhabit that system.

So, has anyone seen an elephant around?

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