Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Miliband video

Many thanks to our old friend, Master Guido Fawkes, for this little cameraphone video clip of David Miliband quoting The Kitchen.

Sadly (but not surprisingly), the sound quality is not the best but I think that the phrases "fucking nutcase" and "batshit mad" are gratifyingly audible. So, David: you go, girl!

Of course, you do know that this means that the gloves are off...

UPDATE: A very warm welcome to Guido's readers; should you be interested, you can find the post that Master Miliband quoted from here. You will note that Master Miliband quotes only the sentences that make me appear like the frothing loon that I so evidently am and conveniently misses out any references to the word "totalitarian" or, indeed, my link to the rather more measured—but considerably more devastating—Register article. He also misses the fact, in his effort to ensure that I look as close to an evil, going-behind-his-back nutjob, that I posted a comment on his blog saying effectively the same thing. I am sure that all of this was due to pressures of time.

And is it just me, but doesn't he speak exactly like Our Dear Leader...?

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