Thursday, July 20, 2006

I think that someone should tell Tony...

... that David Milliband has lost his fucking mind. I mean, what is this guy on? Personal carbon points?

Well, as Perry points out, it is simply another method of control.
Make no mistake, this is not about environmentalist voodoo science, it is about controlling people and this is the tool they are going to use.

But David is really enthused because he's a fucking nutcase.
In a speech to the Audit Commission last night, Mr Miliband said: "Imagine a country where carbon becomes a new currency. We carry bank cards that store both pounds and carbon points.

Wow! How about imagining a country where we already have a currency and where "green taxes" were used to restrict the use of these externalities. Oh, wait, hang on...

He really has gone bat-shit mad.

Why not read this rather detailed and yet economical deconstruction at The Register?

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georgia said...

I'm glad that some other people are in disbelief about this latest 'initiative', because the reporting of it in the mainstream press was astonishingly matter-of-fact.

This, and the sinister e-borders scheme (over £1.5bn in contracts up for grabs so far -- the successor money pit to their written-off ID cards) convinces me that for the sake of freedoms alone, New Labour must be wiped out at the next election. Their humiliation at the polls will hopefully also warn future governments off trying any similar stunts.

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