Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hooray for the NHS

Doubling the spending on the NHS from £1 billion to £2 billion every single fucking week gets you this.
A phone call from Julie. Mid-thirties. Distraught.

She is very worried about her mother. She says that over the last five days mother has deteriorated both mentally and physically. She can barely stand, and when she does she falls over. She has become confused. She is not eating and will not take her medication. Julie thinks her mother is going to die if something is not done quickly. From the sound of it, she may be right.

It is a difficult problem and I do not know where to start.

I sent Julie’s mother into hospital nine days ago. Julie is phoning me on her mobile from outside the ward. The nursing care is appalling. Most of the nurses do not speak English. The ones that do have suggested that Julie speaks to a doctor. She has spent all morning on the ward waiting to see a doctor, but none has come.

I phone the chief executive of the hospital. I speak to his personal assistant. She asks me which consultant the lady is under. I do not know. Nor does her daughter. That is part of the problem. She says she will “get on to it.”

I feel ashamed.

Crippen is one of the finest bloggers writing today; he is a man at the front line and working in a place that I can relate to. He has a conscience and he is aware of the failings of the system. The skill of in his writing and the passion inherent in his simple anecdotes allows me to forgive him for ever voting Labour. He is, and has been since inception, complusive reading. Read him.

There is absolutely no excuse for the nursing care in this country and I want to make it absolutely fucking clear that I blame the registered nurses and the auxiliaries as much as I blame the politicians.

And in the meantime, are you listening, any of you politicians? Are you?

And you nurses and auxiliaries: stop playing with people's lives, you desperate, awful, lazy bastards. Yes, I said "lazy". You know who you are.

Fuck you all, you venal cunts.


RightForScotland said...

Over at the they started a thread about Blair trying to privatise the NHS. I tried to inject some reason but it is like Rorke's Drift over there.

A couple of members identified themselves as "true conservatives" and went on to express the opinion that the NHS was the "sacred cow" of British politics and should always remain in the public sector. CINO

A few Labour wonks said that private profit would only "devalue" the service available. Makes you wonder what the colour the sky is in their world.

Anonymous said...

Bring back National Service - and backdate it for everyone of working age. If the grunts don't want to join up to be killed for Bliar's latest missionary war, make 'em all do a year as an auxiliary nurse. It would do marvels for the otherwise tabloid level of healthcare debate in this country.

(You have some experience of what providing 24/7 care actually means + therefore some basis for your swearing/commentary/more swearing. But many don't...)

A (NHS) Nurse.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Repulsive NHS nurse.

Rather than enslave people even more than at present (via income tax) you want to use slave labour in hospitals.


Let me opt out of paying for this killer NHS. The worst treatment, funded in the worst possbile way.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha "anticitizenone", glad to be of service. No doubt you regularly volunteer to help out at a local nursing home. Why not? The WWII generation are the ones who need looking after right now. They've paid their dues. We owe 'em.

You self-serving little prick.

NHS Nurse

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

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