Tuesday, July 25, 2006

David Miliband is my new best friend. Apparently.

An email correspondant alerts me to the fact that Master Miliband would appear to be cognisant of The Kitchen.
I imagine someone else might've mentioned it already (or indeed you may well have been at last night's New Statesman New Media Awards bash yourself), but in case someone hasn't, and you weren't [as is the case—DK], David Miliband, in his keynote speech, quoted your comments to/about him rather extensively, thus making you responsible for the first Minister ever to say 'batshit' in public.

And if that isn't a claim to fame, I have no idea what is...

Quite. I assume that he was referring to this post in which I accused Mr Miliband of being... er... rather less than sane. Or, of course, it could be the comment that I left on his blog...

Has anyone got a transcript or a link to a webcast or something?

UPDATE: According to Nosemonkey, I am firmly in the nutter camp.
(The fact that he quoted extensively from Devil's Kitchen's insults to him - "That David Miliband has lost his fucking mind... batshit mad" - as an example of the kind of nutters he's had to put up with since starting his blog almost got me wanting to buy the man a pint...)

Oh, did ickle David crwy? Did he break down and sob because of all the people being nasty to him? Poor ickle boy. That will teach him to advocate incredibly stupid ideas: he's a Minister of the Crown, for fuck's sake.

Oh well, let's face it, The Kitchen was hardly going to be there in the "honourable mention" stakes or, indeed, the "polite and lovely" awards, especially when the person quoting is a NuLabour Minister; besides, if Miliband feels a little hurt then he ought to thank his lucky fucking stars that he isn't Charles Clarke.

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Anonymous said...

Miliband is lucky that he has not attracted Mr Eugenide's attentions and that his low rank does not warrant your giving him a full Brown/Polly strength fisking. I think Miliband is using you to gain some street cred. I would ignore the little twatty.

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