Friday, June 16, 2006

You have got to be kidding me...

A little late with this but, via Snafu, SpamCam thinks that private businesses could learn better customer care from the public sector.
As he celebrated six months as Tory leader, Mr Cameron said his party had to recognise that private firms could learn from the public sector.

He said: "Sometimes we have sounded a little hostile as if our approach is: there are too many of you and you are not working hard enough."

There are and you aren't.
"Let's stop the knee-jerk attacks on public sector workers and focus on what really matters - improving the quality of service in our lives, whoever is providing it," he said.

Mr Cameron said banks, insurance companies and utilities firms were guilty of poor customer care and could learn from the public sector.

Yup, maybe their customer services divisions could learn from the Rural Payments Agency and have a few more naked karaoke parties whilst their customers go bankrupt. And then they could send offensive emails about those customers; I must say, I would be ecstatic if I found out that my bank called me "crazy and unhinged". In the name of fuck, Spam, this is some kind of fucking joke... isn't it?

Private businesses operating in a market have an incentive to provide good customer service because, if they do not, the customer can take their patronage elsewhere. The same does not apply to the public sector.

Fucking hell...


AntiCitizenOne said...

Camerwrong is a joke.

Squander Two said...

The great thing about being able to go elsewhere isn't just that trying to stop you doing so motivates companies to treat you well; it's also that, when they don't, you really can go elsewhere. Going elsewhere is great.

Bloody government.

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