Thursday, June 29, 2006

That's it, I'm joining UKIP

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that your humble Devil is not a fan of the EU. I believe that it damages us economically, socially and politically. I will not vote for a party that is pro-EU; and after speeches like the following, I know who I do want to vote for.

Yes, some of them are bats; yes, some of them are racists. But, many of them are not, and they are—as far as I am concerned—the only ones courageously addressing the single most important political issue for Britain today.

Are you listening, Spam, you sack of shite?


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Tapestry said...

Farage is the best speaker in politics today. But look at that white fluffy thing sitting just to his right behind him.

That's the guy who actually controls everything that moves inside UKIP - not Nigel Farage who is the leader (spokesman) of the UKIP delegation to the European Parliament.

The nominal Party leader Knapman, is a front. The whole thing is run from the offices of Mike Nattrass' business in Solihull called Nattrass Giles.

His gang broke into the London office of UKIP and removed all the Party's computers, data etc to get control of it without any democratic approach. The Southern Party split away and went initially with Veritas but that went nowhere.

The NEC is the top lawmaking body in the Party and the elections are controlled our of Mike Nattrass' office. No audits, no numbers on ballot papers etc.

Nothing moves unless Nattrass decides. Which is Kilroy was got rid of. There is more democracy in the EU than in UKIP.

You are joining a real Devil's Kitchen.

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