Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nightcap Launches

Ladies and gentlemen, Nightcap Syndication is launching today: let me shove you over to Timmy's blog to explain what it is all about.

At this stage the most interesting section might be Reviews. As we know huge numbers of people review items at Amazon, for which they earn nothing. Many also review items on their blogs for which they receive the Amazon commissions.

Excellent, cross post the same review here and as long as you add the link to your own Amazon account then you’ll get that commission.

I have made a reasonable amount of cash in the two weeks that we have been running Nightcap unofficially: it is more than enough to cover the time that I have spent (pleasurably) reviewing the articles in question. It's definitely worth a squirt, as they say, and—should we get enough traffic—we can get review copies of whatever sent to you. You can be the first to hear, read or experience these things, which should be a plus for all those enthusiasts of non-dead artists out there.

Anyway, go and visit Timmy's post for a more extensive explanation, and please do sign up to Nightcap...

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