Monday, June 26, 2006

Newsflash: still no epidemic!

A little while I wrote about BSE and CJD; what I essentially said was that what the scientists were telling us was bullshit (if you'll excuse the poor joke).
Look, can we get this straight: the scientists have never found the transmitting vector for vCJD. They have never actually proved the transmission path from infected cows. They have never proved that eating meat from infected cows actually caused so-called vCJD. In fact, there has been little proof that vCJD is, in fact, anything other than bog-standard, ordinary CJD. They also, actually, know fuck all about prions too.

It is now accepted that prions are usually to be found in those who have died of TSEs, but whether they are the result of another vector or whether they are the vector is merely postulated and is, actually, unknown.

Now the ever-excellent Right For Scotland very ably takes the baton and runs with it.
First off we are not dealing with a new disease. This is a variant of an existing understood disease which itself is pretty well understood.

vCJD is (by common consensus) a variant of a disease that strikes people in their late forties and up. The variant aspect is that this one strikes people before their thirties. So unless you start incubating the disease 25 years before you are conceived (before even some readers parents were in puberty) I doubt that vCJD really does have a 50 year incubation.

Like me, he has been naughty enough to impugn the motives of the scientists: not so much loony, as venal.
Indeed any scientist engaged in the scaremonger industry needs to continually produce a report that will justify their expenses claim for the next few years. Today is the turn of the vCJD mob.

Back in the ‘90’s with the Major government allowing the French to impose protectionist import bans on British beef and dress them up as public health concerns a group of scientists realised that this new thing would send the kids to boarding school. They quickly set up studies into the like between vCJD and BSE.

Quite. Go and read the whole thing, then why not set up an experiment that might be able to link nvCJD and scrapie and BSE? You might start earning as much as a Toynbee; you'd certainly find yourself spouting the same amount of bollocks...

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