Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More drinking larks

Following on from this post about the possible limitations on drinking in Scotland, Gary Marshall brings us the following news.
The daft glass ban has been shelved: it seems that after an “11th hour climbdown” by officials, the compulsory use of plastic glasses will only apply in venues open after midnight and in places with a history of “glassing” attacks.

This is still fucking stupid because
  1. the "plastics" that they want to use are those hard ones which can be "broken" (or "snapped" is probably a better word) and used just as effectively as a glass, and

  2. if someone really wants to do someone damage, they will find something to use: a table, a stool, a knife, the "Niddry bat" (a baseball bat with two large kitchen knives gaffa-taped, bayonet-style, to the end of it), etc.

I propose, if the Scots are so worried about "glassings" that the Scottish Executive amends the law. I imagine that attacking someone with a glass could be classed as "assault with a deadly weapon" or some such; OK, then, double—or triple—the maximum sentence. Ensure that the law is enforced and make sure that a couple of cases of people being sent down for 35 years for glassing someone are run on the front pages of the papers. Every time glassing—or any kind of assault—is mentioned, gently suggest to the papers that these examples are dredged up time and again, as a reminder.

If that doesn't work, we should introduce public floggings which not only hurt, but also add the element of humiliation. Prison may be a badge of honour, but I doubt that being beaten, naked, in front of hundreds of people will carry the same cachet.
And another thing…

It’s bad form to rant and rave without offering an alternative, so here’s mine: why don’t we take the radical step of, y’know, enforcing the laws we already have? Like the ones prohibiting the sale of alcohol to underage kids, or the ones about being drunk and disorderly in public, or the ones prohibiting the sale of booze to people who are completely and utterly pissed?

He is, of course, absolutely right, but this is the story of the NuLabour administration (in Scotland, of course, it is exacerbated by having the awful fucking Liberals in coalition): make a whole raft of new laws and then enforce neither them nor the ones that you already had.

God, what a bunch of cunting wankpots they are...

UPDATE: Gary points me towards the Glasgow glass-ban rethink.
Gordon Macdiarmid, Glasgow's licensing board convener, said that the original proposed ban was prompted by requests from surgeons, members of the Scottish Parliament, and pub customers.

You see? It's those fucking doctors again: I see that I shall have to repeat myself.
John, you are a sodding surgeon. You are President of a bunch of surgeons. Surgeons are here to patch people up, OK? They are not here to make politics, so why don't you take your drinking limit and shove it up your arse? And then you can FUCK OFF! The last thing that we need is interfering busybodies like you giving this bunch of fascist wankscum ideas.

Why will no one listen, eh...?


Anonymous said...

Why not make "glassing" a hate crime? This way you can double the fines/length of imprisonment as well as diverting police resources from useless jobs like investigating burglary, rape etc.

Gary said...

Here's the link to the story about the glass ban rethink:


"Gordon Macdiarmid, Glasgow's licensing board convener, said that the original proposed ban was prompted by requests from surgeons, members of the Scottish Parliament, and pub customers. "

dearieme said...

Personally, I'd insist that the drinks be dispensed in those wee cardboard containers used for kiddy-winkies'drinkies, and sucked up through a short straw.

Katy Newton said...

Or you could sell alcohol in little pouches with straws, like Capri-Sun used to come in.

I am glad to see the back of glasses, myself, though, because when we ladies try to dance in a nightspot which serves alcohol in glasses, they tend to get broken on the dancefloor and then shards of glass become embedded in our pretty shoes.

Anonymous said...

i was glassed, 3 months ago and the person who did it got a slap on the wrist and a caution. i then found out shed done it before eairlyer in the year. then 1 month after i had been glassed another girl was glassed at the same place and a full investigation is still going on with her case and my case has been hushed and sweapet under the carpet. i nearly lost an eye and now im scared for life, and no justice was done.

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