Monday, June 19, 2006

Love and Monsters

Via complicated path that I will not even try to replicate, I stumble across a review of this week's episode of Doctor Who.
Survivor Guilt we've had, up to here, since the new series started. It was an interesting idea when they started, but postmodernism has its limits. Fuck off and let us enjoy the adventures of a couple of time travellers without constantly making us wonder what's happening to Slutty Mum Back Home, will you?

That's another thing. I can't work out whether that was idiocy or genius. I can appreciate Jackie when she's a character on TV, she's making her dressing gown gape, it's what she does. She's a slutty-minded Essex bint whose purpose in the narrative is to provide a sense of grounding for those viewers who've never travelled amongst the stars but who have met small-minded working-class tarts from London. Making her seduce the camera through some kind of perverted victim's POV, as I can only presume it was described in the shooting script, wasn't just cruel, it was perverted.

I agree with this review entirely; read the whole thing: it's funny...


Brian Dunbar said...

Criminitly. I've got to wait for the SciFi channel to broadcast that episode.

Over here the Doctor just changed from that slim fellow with the short hair to a dude that reminds me in a vague way of Lyle Lovett.

Being a season behind y'all really bites.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

I enjoyed the episode - it made me laugh 'n' all - but this is Doctor Who. And I argue that fundamentally Doctor Who should be in his own TV programme. It would be like Channel Four News not having any news on it (currently called Five News). And when you compare it to the high drama of the Doctor meeting the devil in the Satan Pit the previous week, a camp Marc Warren meeting a fat alien in a bad body suit doesn't quite compare, does it? I suppose you could call it an "experimental" episode, but in TV "experimental" is normally the same as "shite".

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