Thursday, June 08, 2006

looking a tiny bit socialist from a distance

Mainly for the purposes of lighting the blue touch-paper in DK's brain - David Cameron has re-stated his support for a redistributive tax plan:

Mr Cameron defended his policy director Oliver Letwin who was criticised last year for saying that redistribution should be the aim of Tory tax policy.

"He was saying something that was blindingly obvious: any party that accepts some sort of progressive tax system is in favour of redistribution - that's a very sensible thing to say." But he said that while he wanted greater equality and redistribution, that did not mean penalising the super-rich.

"My view is that the greatest concern we should have is not the gap between David Beckham's wages on the one hand, and someone on benefits on the other," he said. "I don't think making the top 1% richest poorer makes the 10% poorest richer."

...backing away very carefully.

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