Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gordon's 80 taxes

Via The Snipe, James Cleverly has a nice little list of all of The Gobblin' King's tax rises, eighty in all.

As he points out, Gordon does not "run" the economy; pretty much the only way in which he can affect it is through taxes and—fuck me—he's really tried on that score! Unfortunately for him—although he planned to pour massive amounts of boodle into public services—because of the fucking disaster that was Callaghan's government, he was bound by Tony Blair's promise not to raise income tax.

So, our Cyclopean Chancellor had to get creative, oh yes. And, wow!—has he got creative or what...?
So what has Gordon done? He has put up taxes, 80 times, and here they are. [With my additions—DK]
1. Council tax increased by 6.5pc [Tax on the poor]
2. Mortgage tax relief cut
3. Pensions tax [Tax on the poor]
4. Health insurance taxed
5. Health insurance taxed again
6. Fuel tax escalator up [Tax on the poor]
7. Vehicle excise duty up [Tax on the poor]
8. Tobacco duty escalator up [Tax on the poor]
9. Stamp duty up for properties over £250,000
10. Corporation tax changes
11. New windfall tax on utilities

12. Married couples' allowance cut [Tax on the poor]
13. Tax on travel insurance up [Tax on the poor]
14. Tax on casinos and gaming machines up [Tax on the poor]
15. Fuel tax escalator brought forward [Tax on the poor]
16. Tax on company cars up
17. Tax relief for foreign earnings abolished
18. Tax concession for certain professions abolished
19. Capital gains tax imposed on certain non-residents
20. Reinvestment relief restricted
21. Corporation tax payments brought forward
22 Higher stamp duty rates up
23. Some hydrocarbon duties up [Tax on the poor]
24. Additional diesel duties
25. Landfill tax up [Tax on the poor]
26. Council tax up by 8.6pc [Tax on the poor]

27. NIC earnings limit raised
28. NICs for self-employed up
29. Married couples' allowance abolished [Tax on the poor]
30. Mortgage tax relief abolished
31. IR35: Taxation of personal services companies
32. Company car business mileage allowances restricted
33. Tobacco duty escalator brought forward [Tax on the poor]
34. Insurance premium tax up
35. Vocational training relief abolished [Tax on the poor]
36. Employer NICs extended to all benefits in kind
37. VAT on some banking services up [Tax on the poor]
38. Premiums paid to tenants by landlords taxed
39. Duty on minor oils up
40. Vehicle excise duties for lorries up
41. Landfill tax escalator introduced [Tax on the poor]
42. Higher rates of stamp duty up again
43. Council tax up by 6.8pc [Tax on the poor]

44. Tobacco duties up [Tax on the poor]
45. Higher rates of stamp duty up again
46. Extra taxation of life assurance companies
47. Rules on controlled foreign companies extended
48. Council tax up by 6.1pc [Tax on the poor]

49. Council tax up by 6.4pc [Tax on the poor]

50. Personal allowances frozen [A massive tax on the working poor]
51. National Insurance threshold frozen
52. NICs for employers up
53. NICs for employees up [Tax on the poor]
54. NICs for self-employed up
55. North Sea taxation up [Tax on the poor (through higher energy prices)]
56. Tax on some alcoholic drinks up [Tax on the poor]
57. New stamp duty regime
58. New rules on loan relationships
59. Council tax up by 8.2pc [Tax on the poor]

60. VAT on electronically supplied services [Tax on the poor]
61. IR35 applied to domestic workers [Tax on the poor]
62. Betting duty change [Tax on the poor]
63. Tax on red diesel and fuel oil up
64. Controlled foreign companies measures on Ireland
65. Vehicle excise duty up [Tax on the poor]
66. Council tax up by 12.9pc [Tax on the poor]

67. New 19pc tax rate for owner-managed businesses
68. New tax on private use of company vans
69. UK transfer pricing introduced
70. Increase in rate of tax on trusts
71. Increase in tax on red diesel fuel
72. Increase in tax on other road fuels (including LPG) [Tax on the poor]
73. Council tax up by 5.9pc [Tax on the poor and the environmentally friendly]

74. Cancellation of stamp duty land tax relief for disadvantaged areas. [Tax on the poor]
75. North Sea taxation doubled from 10pc to 20pc. [Tax on the poor (through higher energy prices)]
76. Zero per cent rate of corporation tax abolished [Fucked small businesses at a time when he was claiming that he was trying to stimulate business]
77. Council tax up by 4.1pc [Tax on the poor]

78. Clampdown on trusts and insurance policies commonly used to mitigate inheritance tax.
79. Increase in vehicle excise duty for SUVs.
80. Council tax up by 4.5pc [Tax on the poor]

Of course, every single one of these taxes is, effectively, a tax on the poor: every single one of these will raise prices of common household goods at some point, and it is the poor who will be most affected by rising prices.

You see, Gordon's strategy is to take as much tax from as many people as possible, and then make them fill in a lot of forms in order to try to get it back. This ensures that as many people as possible are clients of the state and, therefore, have an incentive to continue voting for this monstrous government. It is bribery, or blackmail: I can't decide which.

Either way, it is an appalling system: and yet the ovine masses continue to think that Gordon Brown is doing a good job because he gives back a fraction of the money that he has initially stolen from them: what a cunt The Gobblin' King is.


Akaky said...

damn, and I thought those of us stuck here in New York had it bad. The Vampire State aint got nothing on you guys.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, is it really only 80! I know they promised not to raise taxes but they have been busy with their thesaurus haven't they?

They have imposed levies, raised charges, set rates, extracted tolls, lowered limits, made demands, issued assessments but they haven't raised taxes, oh no. Curse you Doctor Semantic!

The Brink Of Despair

Anonymous said...

You also have to take into account that a raise in fuel "DUTY" causes more VAT to be paid on that DUTY, Double taxation, taxed on taxes, No as 1 is a duty and the other is tax, Cnuts.

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