Wednesday, June 28, 2006

EU still hypocrites. No shock.

Davide Simonetti reports on the EU's investigation into the infamous "rendition flights".
Following the damning Council of Europe (CoE) report published earlier this month which revealed a global ‘spider’s web’ of routes used by CIA aircraft, and which accused 14 European countries including Britain of colluding with the CIA, the EU justice commissioner, Franco Frattini has called on national prosecutors and judges to investigate their governments' alleged involvement in secret CIA prisons and rendition flights at a Council of Europe debate to which he was invited and which passed a resolution calling for.
  • In-depth inquiries at a national level

  • A review of the legal framework regulating the intelligence services

  • A review of agreements with the US on the use of military infrastructure to ensure they comply with human rights norms

  • Efforts to develop "a truly global strategy" against terrorism, with the US
Tuesday’s resolution, which member states are obliged to respond to, was passed by the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe and approves the findings of the inquiry launched last November led by Swiss senator Dick Marty.

This is, of course, all very laudable and the EU must be congratulated for taking up this baton. After all, the whole thing is very shady and our government, such as it is, is being deeply hypocritical.

Although not, as I reported back in December, as hypocritical as the EU.
The European Union secretly allowed the United States to use transit facilities on European soil to transport "criminals" in 2003, according to a previously unpublished document. The revelation contradicts repeated EU denials that it knew of "rendition" flights by the CIA.

The EU agreed to give America access to facilities - presumably airports - in confidential talks in Athens during which the war on terror was discussed, the original minutes show. But all references to the agreement were deleted from the record before it was published.

Given this rather shadowy agreement by the body that now dictates the vast majority of our legislation, I suspect that our government would not be able to stop the rendition flights from British soil even if it wanted to.

The stinking pile of horseshit known as the EU is effectively a supranational organisation, so it is only appropriate that it should rise above the individual members in terms of sheer, breath-taking hypocrisy.

We must leave now.

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