Wednesday, June 28, 2006

EU can fuck off

Well it looks like Nosemonkey is going to get his wish and we will indeed be ruled over by the fucking EU.
The European Commission today proposes sweeping away national veto rights on sensitive areas of EU law making, involving cross-border police and judicial co-operation.

Franco Frattini, the EU commissioner for justice, freedom and security, is expected to urge governments to end the "stalemate" caused by the need to vote unanimously on areas such as Europe-wide investigations, the "hot pursuit" of criminals across frontiers and the rights of foreign criminal suspects.

Er, right; so the EU will be able to bring in any law it fucking well likes, and it will be voted on by majority voting.
He argued that foot-dragging by governments had put the safety of their citizens at risk, as they delayed measures such as the European Arrest Warrant, which enables judges in one state to order police in another to make an arrest, and fast-track the extradition of suspects.

After the London bombings last July, a suspect who fled to Rome was extradited to Britain in 42 days instead of the 15 months normally required.

Er, you mean that the fast-tracking already works? Then why change it?
The commission knows the plans will be seen as a power-grab...

Yup, the only thing that this proposal will fast-track is the abolition of our right to rule ourselves.

Seriously, this is really fucking important; I will let Timmy explain why.
Because the criminal legal system is at the very heart of what makes a free country. We have, over a period of some 800 and a few years (I think the actual date of "time immemorial " in the Common Law is actually 1187 although grateful to be corrected if that is wrong.) built a system based upon a combination of precedent and legislation. The end result might not be perfect but all those things that go to make it up, Habeus Corpus, jury trial, etc etc (you know the litany) are part and parcel of what protects us, the citizenry, from them, the State.

Indeed, most of those protections were introduced entirely to protect us from that State: something many forget, that the limitations on evidence and trials are not to protect criminals, but to protect the innocent from being proclaimed criminals for political reasons.

Our continental friends have very different legal systems. Very different indeed. No juries, to start with. So if we are to have EU wide criminal law, clearly there will be harmonisation. And it doesn’t take intelligence of the genius level to see that when the UK and Eire are on one side, with our own distinctive systems, and 23 are on the other, with their, which way the harmonisation is going to go.

Yup, it will be goodbye free Englishmen and bow down to your unelected masters in Brussels. Your life will no longer be your own.

As I said before
In this country—despite Blair's posturing—one is still innocent until proven guilty, and the onus is on the state to prove that guilt. Under, for instance, the French system, the burden of proof is on you, i.e. you have to prove your innocence.

In this country, you cannot be held indefinitely until the police have time to trump up some charges against you; again, unlike the French system (Private Eye, passim ad nauseam).

It is not on, it really isn't.

But, of course, harmonisation is on its way. All of this "summary justice" that Blair keeps talking about; the house arrests; the punishment without trial; the dispossession of private property; the increasing illiberalism; above all, the idea that you live your life only as long as you are licensed by the state to do so is simply harmonisation by the back door.

Why do they do it, sir? Why are they selling out the British people, why are they dismantling our criminal justice system in favour of a worse one?

I believe that the answer is very simple. Ceding all of our rights to the EU means that politicians can
  1. abrogate responsibility for unpopular decisions, and

  2. yet continue to award themselves massive salaries, expenses and benefits.

It really is that cynical. We are being sold into slavery by a bunch of venal fucks who don't give two shits as long as they can continue to rape the British people for their fucking money.

Do you feel that big, cock pushing into your little, puckered ringpiece? Yeah? Does it fucking well sting? You betcha. That's the politicians of this country fucking you up the arse (and, unfortunately, the EU has banned lube on environmental grounds).

And they will soon be joined by the quislings who support the EU—and especially those who know that it is flawed and there is little chance of changing it (yes, you know who you are). I dislike them rather more than the fools who go along with it because "there ain't no alternative". When we are all quivering under the fucking jackboot, we will all know who to blame. They are fucking cunt traitors.

It is time to stop pleading or asking politely; there is no room any more for the "can we leave now, please?" It must become a demand: we must leave.

And you know what? We'll be a fuck sight better off, both economically and politically. We can once more have a political debate in this country, rather than having every party constrained by EU edicts. You want political variety and economic prosperity?

Then we must leave the EU.

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