Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Children diddled by touts

Via ChickenYoghurt, this over at is most amusing.
Hundreds of schoolchildren caught up in an alleged World Cup ticket fraud will get to watch a game after government talks with Fifa, Downing Street said […] On Wednesday Downing Street said personal talks between sports minister Richard Caborn and Fifa president Sepp Blatter had led to a deal being struck.

Good news, everyone. If ever you decide to buy tickets for a World Cup match through an unofficial website with no visible credentials and then get totally shafted, you can be sure that cronyism and a politician desperate to improve his personal approval ratings come to your rescue.

Stupid bastards.
Perhaps I’m being harsh in this case - after all it’s schoolchildren who’ve been done over. They are the innocent victims. Won’t someone please think of the children? Well, fuck ‘em. They’re not the first people to be diddled out of their money, and they certainly won’t be the last. It would have been a valuable lesson in life - never, ever trust a tout.

More pertinently, given that this site was apparently charging prices like £305 for South Korea v. Togo, where the fuck did these schoolchildren get that sort of fucking cash?

As the man says, fuck 'em.

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Squander Two said...

OK, maybe I got the wrong end of the stick, but I thought the point of this story was that they were school trips, so the schoolchildren haven't stupidly trusted any touts, but have instead trusted their teachers, who in turn trusted a travel agency, who stupidly and irresponsibly got defrauded. That's not to say they should be bailed out by the state, but it's really not the kids' fault.

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