Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Betraying our citizens

Via PigDogFucker, I see that decency has lost the battle and we are going to ship three British citizens—whose only crime, if it even was a crime (NatWest are not prosecuting), was committed on British soil—to the US for trial.
Three British bankers wanted in the US over the Enron scandal have failed in their final attempt to appeal against their extradition.

The European Court of Human Rights has rejected the request to postpone the extradition of the three former bankers from NatWest.

David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby are likely to be flown to the US by mid-July.

The men have said they are innocent and should be tried by a UK jury.

I repeat: any crime that they my have committed was committed in the UK. They are UK citizens: why are we shipping them to the US to stand trial in front of a highly prejudiced court?
Mr Bermingham of Goring in Oxfordshire, Mr Mulgrew, of Sible Hedingham in Essex, and Mr Darby, of Lower South Wraxall in Wiltshire, have been accused of seven counts of "wire fraud" by the US.

The three men are alleged to have conspired with former Enron executives over the sale of part of the company in 2000, earning them a total of $7.3m (£4m).

Needless to say, the charge of "wire fraud" is not actually a charge in itself. It is just something that the US government has made up.

So, how and why can they be deported? It is essentially because Toni's government was stupid and thoughtless enough to sign the Extradition Act 2003 with the US, which I'll let Boris Johnson MP explain.
There are currently several cases before the courts that arise directly from the Extradition Act 2003. I know of one of those cases particularly, because it affects one of my constituents, who is one of three bankers who are being electromagnetically sucked--hoovered, even--across the Atlantic without any duty on the Americans to produce any prima facie evidence.

There is a second and related problem that greatly inflames the whole question. We are obliged by the terms of the Extradition Act 2003 to send our nationals to America without prima facie evidence, yet America is under no corresponding duty to send people we want from America without prima facie evidence being supplied by us.

Why does that grotesque imbalance exist? The Prime Minister said in Prime Minister's questions on Wednesday that it is because the American Congress has not ratified the 2003 treaty. That is not, strictly speaking, true. It is right to say that Congress does not want to ratify the 2003 treaty because many Congressmen want to keep the ability to retain in America people whom they fear would not get a fair trial overseas and they want to keep a political bar to extradition. That is why we have not succeeded in extraditing a single IRA suspect from America to this country in 30 years. However, even if Congress were to ratify this treaty, it is a dismal fact that... there would be no symmetry because we have to show due cause and they do not. Therefore, I think the whole treaty should be renegotiated.

I wrote about this before and, fuck me, but this makes me angry. Really, really angry. Once again, Blair and his merry men are willing to sell our citizens down the fucking Swannee in return for a quick toke on Bush's cock. I don't blame Bush; he is simply trying to ensure that his country gets what it wants: I blame our incompetent government for fucking up yet again.

However, if it were me in charge, then what I wrote before would still apply.
We aren't some pissy, little, lickspittle, third world country to be pushed around by sinister-looking men in 70s shades: we are the fucking British and we don't ship our citizens off to any fucking country unless that country can show us a really good reason why we should. And even then we might just tell you to piss off.

So here am I, telling the US Foreign Office and Justice Department to go fuck yourselves: you cannot have our citizens. Swivel, you fucks.

It would be lovely if one of our politicians did say that: unfortunately, spine transplant technology is still some years away. So well done, Blair, for selling out our people, you fucking, pus-dripping cunt; for shame.

UPDATE: Via Iain Dale, do something about it.
You may well be aware that there is currently an unfair and aggressively policed extradition treaty with the US which has resulted in the dubious imprisonment in the US of one British businessman and the potential imprisonment of several more. Karl Watkin isn't just talking about it, he's organising a dignified demonstration of businesses' concern (that's a march to you and me) this THURSDAY 29th JUNE AT 5pm from the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall to the Home Office in Marsham Street, a short distance away.

The demonstration, which will last for no more than 30-45 mins in total will take the form of a short walk from the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall through St James’s Park to the Home Office in Marsham Street SW1. The demonstration is designed to be dignified and silent. In my view it ought to be taking a detour past the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Mind you, I suppose that's not allowed nowadays.

Spread the word...

You know, I'm all for the "special relationship" and all that, but a relationship is a two-way thing. This is very far from being reciprocal; we are the bitch in this relationship and it has got to STOP! When will our politicians grow some fucking balls?


The 'Twenty-Something' said...

Well said DK. Your imagery puts my blog to shame! I've never read a blog that manages to make me laugh and cry at the same time. I might well become a more permanent reader.

Miss H

Anonymous said...


Why go past the US Embassy anyway? It's not the US who's to blame. The US negotiated with the dildos at the FO and the dildos' bosses - the scum who rule us - signed on the dotted line: believe me the US is as surprised (but not as appalled) as we are at our government.

Of course, this is all a practice run for thorough-going dhimmitude: our masters are testing to see how much we'll put up with.

The Boy said...

For me, this is yet another case of the UK playing by the rules everyone else ignores. I'm sure the treaty deal was negotiated in good faith by both sides, yet it was clear from the start that politically the US would never ratify it. So why did we? This happens time and time again, with the US, with the EU, we play by the rules and we get fucked because no one else plays by the rules.

Devil's Kitchen said...

UmBongo, As I made clear, I don't blame the US particularly. I was merely quoting Iain.

Boy, Yes, sickening, isn't it.

I am constantly surprised, given the deviousness of our current rulers, how singularly inept they appear to be at politics.


Anonymous said...

As an American and, keeping in mind that I don't know the exact nature of the charges, I can do nothing but agree wholeheartedly with your basic premise:

If those wankers committed a crime on British soil and that is all there is to it, then it's none of our fucking business and they should be tried in a British court.

If anybody were to claim jurisdiction over OUR soil, then we'd tell the farkin' bastards to either shut the fuck up or come get some.

That ought to work both ways.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Essentially they are charged with buying a part of Enron and that is why they are being extradited. However, there is no prima facie evidence -- or at least none has been submitted -- by the US Justice Department which would normally be a minimum requirement for even considering the extradition of British citizens from British soil.

Of course, when the European Arrest Warrant finally goes through, this kind of shit will be the norm within the EU.

I think that I may emigrate...


Vol Abroad said...

Let me assure you - wire fraud is a real charge. My cousin, who spent 3 years in the slammer, could attest to that.

Now I don't approve of the fast track extradition. Bad law, shameful law.

BUT - wire fraud is basically fraud committed by electronic means - e.g. transfers of money. If we didn't have such a crime - one could always go off to some distant island - say the UK - and just steal the assets of Americans with impunity. Let the US put a prima facie case before the courts and have these guys extradited the old fashioned way if there is a case to answer.

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