Thursday, June 15, 2006

Amicus can fuck right off

Via Allan, Amicus have been giving their members tips on how to pull a sickie so that they can watch a bunch of overpaid homosexuals kick a pigskin around a pissy field.
A row has broken out between employers and the union Amicus after it was accused of advising people how to take "sickies" to watch the World Cup.
On its website, the union says it is "difficult to prove someone is not really sick" and offers a line of defence to workers who are caught out.

Of course, I think that you will find that the majority of Amicus's members are public sector workers, a bunch of feckless, lazy cunts who already pull twice the number of sickies take twice as many sick days as us poor private sector saps.
One small business organisation says it is "appalled" and that Amicus should withdraw its World Cup Fever article.

The union insists it does not condone dishonest sick leave.

No, no, of course it doesn't: it simply tells its members how to get out of losing their job when they have taken dishonest sick leave.

Amicus are a bunch of trouble-making cunts. One of the reasons that I support a Citizens Basic Income is because—with the concomitant redress of employer/employee bargaining power and the decimation of the public-sector—the unions would be all but wiped out.

Everyone would be a lot happier, believe me...

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Serf said...

Calm down, they weren't doing any work anyway.

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