Wednesday, June 21, 2006

18 Rated

Over at the Ministry of Truth there is a lovely rant about the BBFC attempting to extend its powers.
…and right now, there is no more patronising bunch of twats in existence than Britain’s official censor, the British Board of Film Classification, whose latest wizard wheeze (via Tim) is to suggest that it should provide content ratings for internet sites.

Well, in the interests of acquiring a much sought after 18 rating, let me be the first to invite the BBFC to take their dumbass idea and shove it right up their fucking arse!.

The Minister also sticks it to them for their ludicrous little attachments to the bog-standard ratings.
However in recent years, things have changed, and the BBFC have gone beyond the business of providing film classifications and into full-blown nannying. Buy a DVD these days and you not only get the certificate on the case but underneath you get pissy little commentaries like:
Contains strong language, violence and scenes of horror

Contains scenes of mild peril

Mild peril??? Just what the fuck is that all about?

Quite. In any case, if the BBFC do get in on the act, I reckon that it's definitely an 18 Cert for me plus, of course, the ever-helpful comment:
Contains gratuitous swearing in every single sentence and scenes of mild fantasy involving Charles Clarke's wife sucking him off.

That should do it, I reckon...

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