Friday, May 05, 2006

With any luck he'll kill himself

Well, it seems that Charlie the Safety Elephant has had to pack his bags and fuck off, and only about a year too late. What a pity that this fat, jug-eared cunt (and I had to get in one last passing shot, since it seems as though he is now going to be a political irrelevance. Aaaaahahahahahahaha!) didn't go sooner; still it's his wife that I feel sorry for, as he'll be spending an awful lot more time at home...

Still, I notice that he left with the typical amount of grace for such an unpleasant and intrinsically offensive man.
Earlier, in a statement, Mr Clarke said he did not agree with the prime minister's judgement, but added he would remain loyal to the government when he returned to the backbenches.

Anyone want to bet that he won't bother going to Rachel's 7/7 survivor's meeting any more?

He has been replaced with John "Oh, fuck, not Health" Reid, a man who has done very little since been one of a long line of ministers to fuck up Health. I do have a sneaking admiration for him on one front though, as he once said something that I agreed with.
Yesterday, Mr Reid suggested that he would much prefer to use education to get smokers to give up.

But Mr Reid, a former chain smoker who has now given up, said it was best to provide people with information and let them decide what to do for themselves.

However, I suspect that he will carry on the authoritarian line that Charlie took, if only because Blair wants it and it does not do to antagonise your patron.



BD said...

.. which reminds me that Patricia Hewitt in the Deparment of Health seems to have survived the cull so far - leading me to wonder whose balls she might have in a drawer.

Mr Eugenides said...

I repeat for emphasis: Mwaaaaahahahahahaha!

Devil's Kitchen said...


As I said, she has Brown's glyph on the back of her neck. As you pointed out:

The Guardian understands that Gordon Brown was not consulted by Tony Blair about the changes, except where the Treasury was involved.

She's an ex-Treasury minister: what do you want to bet that that counts as the Treasury being involved?


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