Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Via the guy that Laban Tall dubbed "probably the only man crosser than the Devil's Kitchen", this nauseating tale. I am going to stay very calm and just say the following: this shit should not happen in our country. Zena's family should have been arrested, tried, imprisoned and then deported. Oh, yes, and preferably publically flogged too.

But the worst bit of it is this:
Jack and Zena searched in vain for sanctuary. One by one the agencies that could — and should — have helped them let them down. The police, social security, victim support. The couple ran from Huddersfield to Cleethorpes to Grimsby to Lincoln to the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and on.

It reads like a list of Britain's dingiest shitholes; all it's missing is Croydon. Imagine being on the run and always ending up in a town ever shittier than the one you just left; it's just adding insult to injury death threats really, isn't it...?


Anonymous said...

But, DK, you don't understand. Zena's family were simple exercising their right to express their traditional and colourful culture in their new home. A right granted to them by the most blessed and saintly Tony Blair (may angels sing him to sleep each night and may his reign never end, Peace Be Upon Him for I am not worthy to step on his shadow) after years of ToryThatcherBastard oppression.

Obviously by daring to criticise these delightfully cultured additions to the repressive native British population you are a fascist scumbag and BNP supporter. I'll bet you even wash stranded spiders dowen the plug hole, don't you, you foxhunting ToryThatcheriteRunningPigDog.

Neil Harding, that's a tenner you owe me for saving you the bother of writing your usual diatribe.

Beer money now earned:

DK couldn't agree more with your sentiments, though might I dare to suggest that public flogging seems a little "liberal" for you. Surely ten years hard labour, with daily beatings would be more appropriate.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Thank socialism for our polydemos society.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, I din't say how often they should be publically flogged...


Anonymous said...

Phew! I thought for a moment you might be going soft.


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