Monday, May 08, 2006

Time to abolish the UN

The UN is a filthy, pointless, immoral organisation which gives a disproportionately strong voice to thugs, rapists and murderers: it is time for us to leave, or insist on its abolition. Right For Scotland elaborates on just a couple of reasons why.
Of course for a while now we have been aware of the ability of those at the heart of the UN to manipulate its systems. While Kofi gives us his hangdog looks to camera we have discovered that his son was on the make in sanction hit Iraq and that he was merely the spearhead of a large and complex operation where a class of aspiring kelptocrats can steal world tax money and divert it into their own private bank accounts.

He also refers to this story of a continued sex-for-aid programme, a systematic exploitation of children of young as eight in return for a couple of tubs of gruel. I imagine that the poor kids think a little more carefully than David Copperfield did when asking, "please, sir, can I have some more" and that their meaning, whilst the same as Dickens' character, ends up with the same amount of pain and humiliation.
Girls as young as eight are being forced to have sex in exchange for food by workers for local and international agencies, according to its report.

Ah, and who might these unspecified "local and international agencies" be, I wonder?
The United Nations promised to put safeguards in place after sexual abuse in the refugee camps of West Africa was first revealed four years ago.

But a study by Save the Children, which involved speaking to more than 300 people in camps for people displaced by the war, found that abuse was still widespread.

The report said that all of the respondents clearly stated that more than half of the girls in their locations were affected.

Girls from the age of eight to 18 years were being sold for sex, "commonly referred to as 'man business'," the report noted.

What the fuck? Seriously, this is just beyond the fucking pale, it really is. But apparently it isn't just the aid workers either; the old joke about improving one's grades by staying after school for some "special tuition" is not a joke in these areas.
But government officials and teachers are also contributing to the abuse, Save the Children says.

Teachers have demanded sex in lieu of school fees, or even just to give good grades, the report found.

Now what the fuck is this shit? What the fuck is wrong with these people?
The UN's Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Liberia, Jordan Ryan, also said specific allegations would be investigated.

"Unfortunately not all international NGOs have taken it seriously. But it is a clear priority," he said.

A clear priority? So it fucking well should be. I repeat that this is simply not acceptable. These people should not be fired: they should have their balls cut off, without anaesthetic, in front of all their fellow workers pour encourager les autres, and then sent to prison with their crime tattooed on their foreheads.
"We have never done enough until there's a zero case load. Has enough been done? Not yet. Are we working on it? You bet we are."

WELL, GET ON WITH IT, YOU FUCKS. One suspects that part of the problem is that almost the entirety of the local—and possibly non-local, too—supply chain is involved in this filthy practice. It makes one want to weep.

Whatever, is happening out there, the UN are ultimately responsible. It is bad enough that they are not stopping the problems amongst other agencies: that they themselves are involved is absolutely unacceptable. Annecdotal evidence that I have heard first-hand from people who have worked for the UN back up these allegations.

Even if the UN were not actively corrupt—which it is—it would be pretty difficult to justify its existence even on grounds of competence. The Asian tsunami, Rwanda and the Balkans are just three of the most high-profile cases where the UN's inability to act cost thousands, maybe millions, of lives. The organisation's refusal to brand the murders in Darfur as genocide—a certification that would allow it legally to send in peacekeepers to halt—or, more likely, limply attempt—to halt the killings simply underlines the paralysis and corruption endemic in the UN.

Furthermore, it's voting system gives protection to dictators if they band together—which they are likely to do: for if action is take against one tin-pot lunatic, then you may be the next to lose your throne—and gives them succour by allowing them to suckle at the teat of international standing and pulicity.

This organisation must be disbanded: it is bad enough that it serves no useful purpose. Given that it has been found, repeatedly, to cause active harm to those whom it is supposed to help—a betrayal of the most disgusting kind—it should be destroyed.


Anonymous said...

The UN is another area where I have changed my mind. The older I get, the less "lefty" I become. There's a moral there, somewhere...

Devil's Kitchen said...

Hmmm, I rather think that Churchill had something to say about age and political affiliation, didn't he...?


Martin said...


Don't disband them.

Hold the General Assembly in Liberai instead.

The whole thing would be fixed in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I rather think that Churchill had something to say about age and political affiliation, didn't he...?

Yes - and when I repeated it, I got castigated by Bob Piper... Not that that worried me over much.

I think, though, that the land of blog has demonstrated that the old let/right labels just don't apply anymore.

On topic, the UN is a nasty decaying pile of shit that has lost sense of its original purpose. Euthanasia is probably the only suitable solution.

Devil's Kitchen said...

From his writings, I deduce that Bob Piper is a knave and a fool. I can't believe that he was re-elected.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a fair analysis. I was mildly surprised and disappointed, but I suspect that there was little real opposition effort put in.

Anonymous said...

The UN is a ridiculous disgusting organization and the U.S. needs to kick it's sorry ass off our soil. It's just taking up space.

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