Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This burgers belief! and other crap puns

Our freedoms—and, indeed, the very concept of Parliament itself—are under threat from within as never before, and therefore it beggars belief that LibDem Steve Webb apparently has nothing better to do than raise a petition against bigger Big Macs.
McDonalds are being accused of targeting unhealthy food at young people with plans for a bigger Big Mac.

Liberal Democrat health spokesman Steve Webb is starting a petition in Parliament saying there is no need for the 40% bigger burger.

What the fuck? Seriously, Steve, have you really got nothing better to do than attempt to legislate against the size of the burgers provided by a private company?
The bigger Mac is due to go on sale in June despite the company's previous moves away from "super size" portions.

Mr Webb said he was dismayed by the news, especially as he spent the weekend watching Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock's film about spending a month eating only McDonald's meals.

I see, so Mr Webb has been worried by a film in which some stupid cunt decides that he is only going to eat one type of food and whose body suffers as a result; Mr Webb really needs to find something constructive to do. Do you think that there is any danger that his secretary might start fucking him so that he hasn't got time to draft illiberal bollocks like this?

It would be funny, but it's not; it's pathetic, frankly. Would anyone like to sign a petition telling Steve to fuck off? Just drop your name in the comments, below the legend, "Fuck off, Steve"...

And now, I'm off to have a Big Mac and imagine that I am biting into Steve Webb's face. Or I would do, but he is such an insignificant little fucker that I have no idea what he looks like...


Anonymous said...

Message for Steve Webb

I am reassured that you "are not saying they(Big Macs) are evil."


Advice "Shut the fuck up. If you want to draw up petitions for healthy lifestyle start with a campaign against Belgian Practices"

Katy Newton said...

I prefer Burger King myself. The actual burgers taste more... burgery.

chris said...

I don't eat at McDonald's, since there is normally a more pleasant way of satisfing my hunger. Such as, say, cutting my own arm off with a rusty hack saw then nawing on the still twitching flesh from my former appendage. But if someone really wants to eat there what business is it of mine or of Rt Hon Webb.

Serf said...

How about the health consequences of letting failed asylum seekers kill people, rather than send them home, or the hospital superbugs or africans dying as a result of the EU (that all Lib Dems love)


Anonymous said...

I don't eat Big Macs cos they don't go with red wine (something else that the Rt Tosser Webb would probably like to get a petition up about if he watches "Super Shiraz Me") but I shall defend to my dying breath the right of poor, unworthy slobs (and my kids) to eat them if they so wish.

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