Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Smoking: post #1250

The Briff has a nice little article up at The Times today. Apparently, you can go to a site and pick from 42 disgusting images of what smoking will do to you, and the "best" 14 will soon be appearing a cigarette pack near you.
Some cynics might scoff that it’s a bit rich coming from a Government that is considering implementing “shooting galleries” where heroin addicts can shoot up at the taxpayers expense.

Yes, it is rather.
But that’s new Labour for you.

Ain't it just...
Clearly, the idea that we are all adults capable of making decisions for ourselves is one quite alien to the powers-that-be.

Well, yes, of course it is; we are merely the untermensch, the fucking proles who must be guided through life with every faltering step. Still, it might help if not quite so many members of the great British public behaved like total fucking morons 90% of the time.

It might also help if quite so many of them didn't seem more than happy for the government to lead them up the garden path; far too many people behave as though making—and taking responsibility for—their own decisions is a terrifyingly difficult burden. Too many people really are dreadfully ovine.

But, then that's 60 years of the Welfare State for you; can we please abolish the Welfare State now?
Believing that we the public are complete idiots who need the benefit of their infinite wisdom is, I suspect, the only thing that keeps them going.

That, and tracking our every move whilst living the high life, on our money, and sticking their cocktail sausages in every cunt that passes by.
So why don’t they just go ahead, and make the whole wretched practice illegal?

Well, the cash has to be one thing. Now, I will try to find a link to this, but the last figures that I remember were from, I think, 2004; the cost to the NHS of all smoking-related diseases was about £7.5 billion, whilst the revenue from tobacco was £16.8 billion. I'd call that a profit. Also, of course, the government that banned it outright would languish in the political wilderness for years; there are an awful lot of smokers, and a great proportion of them are proles, i.e. natural Labour voters.
After all, either smoking is so bad for us that it should be banned outright, or it should be accepted as an expression of personal choice and cigarette manufacturers ought to be allowed to advertise them as attractively and as favourably as any other product.

Well, quite. As long as people are made aware of the undoubted dangers of smoking so that they can make an informed choice. I find it difficult to believe that anyone isn't aware of the dangers of smoking these days. I mean, I keep seeing these people sueing tobacco companies because the "victims" claim that they were not made aware of the harmful effects of smoking, and I keep thinking, "you liars".
Instead, we get this mealy-mouthed process of semi-persecution. No other products get treated like this. Burger cartons don’t come equipped with photos of ultrabuttocked civilians waddling down the street, cracking the pavements. Neither are condom packets plastered with pictures of Rock Hudson on his death bed.

It's only a matter of time, my boy. And in Whitehall, lightbulbs have appeared above the heads of hundreds of policy-makers and advisors. It's only a matter of time before some grossly obese people (the models no doubt drawn from the half of LA who aren't anorexic) start appearing on Big Mac wrappers, and huge vinyls depicting run-over kids appear on the sides of cars.

In the meantime, I'm off to buy a cigarette case, and invest in the shares of those that manufacture them...


Mr Eugenides said...

I can't imagine anything more calculated to dampen my ardour than a pic of Rock Hudson on the rubbers. Unless it was Jade Goody, or maybe Sister Wendy.

chris said...

Hang on a minute, you are only going to end up like Rock Hudson if you don't wear a condom.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, that's what I thought. Having said that, of course, the kind of people who deal with this shit are probably trying to encourage astinance because sex is evil, bad and wrong...!


AntiCitizenOne said...

The State has killed 100s of millions in the last century.

When are we going to see warnings on voting slips?

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