Friday, May 19, 2006

Simply staggering

The New Statesman has published its list of the top 50 heroes as voted for by its readers; Chris Dillow has some interesting comments on the whole concept, but I want to concentrate on one entry in particular.

Bill Gates is, incredibly, at number 8. I mean, what the fuck?

Gates and Microsoft are responsible for making the world a little more miserable place, creating an underlying buzz of anger throughout the world as people struggle with the iniquities and irritations of Windows. Whether it is because of the ludicrously over-complicated networking protocols, the vast resource requirements, the bugs, the spastic and infrequent updates, the lack of intuitive interface, the malware, the fucking, piece-of-shit, arsehole, cunting "wizards" (god, I fucking hate those sodding wizards: piss off, you bastard; I just want to type in the IP address and have done with it!) or Internet Explorer's refusal to support CSS and other web standards, thousands of people all over the world—from web designers through specialists to students and businessmen are—at this very moment, I guarantee you—cursing Microsoft and Gates.

The only people who are pleased that Microsoft exists are all the fucking network and PC specialists who are only employed (on hefty salaries) because Windoze is a piece of shit. And Gates is a hero? In the name of fuck, couldn't they find eight people more heroic than Gates? What has our world come to?

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Anonymous said...

Funny, hacking my CSS for IE is exactly what I am doing now.

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