Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Say "no" to pies!

Via The Longrider, this is really pissing me right off.
Now smokers have been banned from Scotland's pubs and drinkers are being told not to drink outside them - it appears pub pie and chip menus are next on the health hit list.

Plans are afoot to make licensees come up with a healthy eating commitment as part of their licensing conditions.

Every time that I think that the bastard cunt fuckers who rule us can't get any sodding worse, they go and prove me wrong. And believe me, I hate to be proven wrong, especially by Jack "adulterer" McConnell and his bunch of tyrrannical jackanapes.

So, I would like to send a very clear message to the Scottish Executive: go fuck yourselves, you bunch of fascist cunts.

Until not one MSP is overweight can you even conceivably tell the rest of us what to eat and, as far as I am concerned, not even then. Christ, I hate you all so very, very much. The SE seem to be dedicated to making our lives a fucking misery, whilst dining out on the hog on our cash (just like all the other MPs, MEPs, Welsh Assembly members and the rest of the fuckers that deign to dedicate their lives to "bettering" ours).
A spokesman for the Scottish Executive stressed that the proposal did not come from them.

Erm, no; but they did set up the enquiry that recommended these plans (paying them with, naturally, our sodding cash) and they could easily deflate the situation by issuing a statement that runs thusly:
The Scottish Executive thinks that the suggestion to predicate the issuing of public house licenses on the healthiness of the food served in those establishments, proposed by the National Licensing Forum, is the biggest load of old shit that we have ever come across and we will go forth and burn these so-called "experts" in a big wicker pint-glass, just to teach the fucking Nazis a lesson.

We totally disassociate ourselves from this disgusting attack on the civil liberties of those that we serve, and we will ensure that not only is every member of this quango burned alive, but that anyone else proposing such filthy measures will be imprisoned for being a cunt.

I think that that should do it.


Anonymous said...

This is some sort of elaborate joke, right?

A complex ruse on the part of DK and the other linked-to websites?


If I want to get healthy, I'll go to the fucking gym. If I want a pint with pie & mash I'll go to the pub. It's really very fucking simple.

Alcoholic smoothie anyone? Thought not....

Stew said...

aargh - Health Fascists!

When the story broke in the Times about the proposed banning of ice cream vans outside schools, the article said "MPs and health officials are planning a series of measures".

Now isn't that a phrase to chill the heart.

Katy Newton said...

It's pretty stupid. Most pubs do at least one healthy-ish option anyway because they know that at least 50% of the population is attempting to diet at any one time and they don't want to lose customers. It's a market thing.

*hugs Mr A*

There there. No one's taking away your pie and mash.

Anonymous said...

No, but they will take away his pie and chips.

They work by whittling away at everybodies rights.

There are three choices

1. Put up with it (but whinge).
2. Form a legal credible opposition dedicated to individual freedom and responsibility.
3. Start rioting in the streets.

I think option 3 is the least likely and option 1 is the most likely.

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