Friday, May 26, 2006

Research Thursday

I'll let Timmy explain this one.
Following on from this thing about The Home Office dumping reams of documents on reporters once a month...

So, we’ve got a section over at Nightcap Syndication. Here. Join in as much as you want. First stage is find the actual papers, next is to read and analyse them. Post up your findings (and do, please, cross post at your own site, we’re just a central point to stop duplication).

This looks like it’s going to get flagged up at Comment is Free so there might be a decent group.

All an experiment, of course.

You will need to register at Nightcap in order to be able to post, but it is entirely free and we won't sell your soul since the Devil already owns it details to anyone.

We really want people to populate the site, there is a lot to fill. We are really looking for lots of reviews, in particular. Just heard a new song? Finished a book? Why not drop a short review in (guidelines). If you are part of the Amazon Associates programme, then you can put your advert code in below the review, as in this case (a How To... on how to do this will be up in the FAQ fairly soon), and hopefully earn yourself some money.

Do have a look around: we are still constructing certain sections, but you can also drop in comments on articles as well as contributing to our database of Email Scams.

UPDATE: thanks to my colleague Bookdrunk, who has found the reports.

UPDATE 2: Article up at Comment Is Free.


BD said...

The list of reports released yesterday can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you don’t, you’re either very new to email or have your spam filter properly set.

Guilty as charged. I might see one or two spams in a month - then usually just the garbled stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. I simply add them to mailwasher's blacklist and that's it.

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