Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pure, unadulterated genius from The Devil's Advocate (no relation).
The received wisdom – backed, it must be said, by plenty of hard evidence – is that John Prescott is thick. Well consider this: he lives like a Lord on a massive salary and expenses package; he has the use of a grace and favour flat in Admiralty Arch and a fine country house called Dorneywood; he is helicoptered and chauffered around this country and abroad on a whim; when he finally falls on his sword, he’ll have the consolation of a gilt-edged pension plan that will allow him to live out his days in extravagant comfort; and, in return for this lavish remuneration, he now has to do absolutely no work at all.

So who’s thick now?


William Board said...

Living like a lord and being thick are not mutually exclusive.
A quick scan through the pages of any of our esteemed celeb magazines should make the point well enough.
For Max Clifford read Tony Blair.

Katy Newton said...

Doesn't that just mean that everyone else in power is thick too?

Did Boris Johnson and Vote Leave lie about the £350m per week?

Short answer: no. Slightly longer answer: Vote Leave did play fast and loose with the actual definitions—hey! it's marketing. And in...