Thursday, May 25, 2006

Polly gets a dose of her own medicine

I wrote about Poor Polly's affront at some of the comments on her posts, and indeed it is deeply saddening.

Still, you've got to love this comment by PatBateman:
By the way Ms Toynbee, before you ask us to decry Ian Burchill for referring to the death of your husband, please remind us of the sensitive piece you wrote about Auberon Waugh in the days (not 14 years) after he died, entitled 'Ghastly Man'. Please also remind us about the accompanying cartoon showing Auberon Waugh being flushed down the toilet. I'm sure his grieving family were greatly comforted by your kind words. In fact, his son wrote a touchingly gentle and humorous reposte, something you, as a self-obsessed humour-vacuum, would be incapable of.

It is always fun being offensive to deeply unpleasant, vicious people and it is things like that article cited above—as well as the fact that you don't even seem to have a layman's grip on economics, and that your sucking up to The Gobblin' King is positively repulsive—that make insulting you so satisfying, Polly.

You silly bitch.


Mr Eugenides said...

I remember reading it at the time - saddened by the death of Waugh, whose "Way of the World" column in the Telegraph was always worth a read. In fact, my hatred of Polly may date from then.

I've tracked it down here:,4273,4119609,00.html

Choice snippet:

Effete, drunken, snobbish, sneering, racist and sexist, they spit poison at anyone vulgar enough to want to improve anything at all. Liberalism is the archenemy - Shirley Williams was Waugh's bete noire . While do-nothing conservatism is their mode, they enjoy extremism of any complexion and excoriate the dreary toil of incremental improvement - bor-ring, sin-cere and social workerish. The worst thing is "doing good". Their snobbery is of a vulgarity beyond belief - yahoos capering in genteel suits.

Hateful woman.

Anonymous said...

You are the one dripping in hate you disgusting inadequate. I don't like Polly Toynbee but everything I have read written by you makes me sick you sneering arsehole.

Devil's Kitchen said...


You see? I told you it was fun, didn't I? Do you feel better now that you've got that off your chest?

I always do.


Anonymous said...

I know Ian Birchall personally. He is very witty and great fun to be with. He doesn't go around insulting people as a rule. So I wonder why Polly Toynbee got him so irritated. Does she usually have this effect on nice people?

Anonymous said...

Bron Waugh was Polly's bete noir. She loathed his success more than his views. She loathed his intellect, courage and honesty. She loathed his exposure of her type of champagne socialism and her woolly thinking. She suffers from self loathing.
Waugh's hatred of Williams was a disgust of what she stood for. I don't think he recovered from the sight of her as a secondary Picket at Grunwick in late 70's. A time when unburied bodies and filth were abundant. Polly dear you don't quailify as Shitess of the Year - Bron just didn't rate you.

Anonymous said...

Aubron is greatly missed; his torrents of invective used to have me in fits. And did anyone catch the documentary on Bron and family by his son? Sadly hidden away on BBC 4 or something, so probably only me watching it.

Shirely Williams. Yes, I remember. Was it Bron who suggested she wore the same pair of knickers for a month? Every time I see her I can't rid myself of the image of greying culottes with the understains (too difficult even to talk about) under that oh so sensible tweed skirt.

It's utterly unjustified, offensive, speculative remarks like that make life worth living...and of course make me tune into the DK. Have you any inside info on Polly's nether garments?


Devil's Kitchen said...


I rather suspect that Polly does not wear any panties, so that she might be ready and dripping should she ever meet The Gobblin' King...


Anonymous said...

This is what I fail to understand about these so-clever 'media types' - when they publish their sneering little missives, do they genuinely forget the hidden little landmines in their past, waiting to be used against them.....or do they assume that no one will bother to try & find them?

I guess what I'm asking is - are they genuinely forgetful because they write so much drivel, or do they just have a low opinion of their audience?

Ken Westmoreland said...

The link you posted to Polly's piece has been moved to -

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