Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No disintegrations

A bounty hunter yesterday A bounty hunter yesterday: "I promised not to disintegrate any of them and I have stuck to that promise. Shooting them eight times in the face however..."

The mind boggles at the ineptitude of those running our public services; every day and in every way they prove the assertion that the public sector could not run a piss-up in a brewery nor make a pretty picture out of pasta shapes, the fucking retards. I've met autistic kids with mor grasp of reality than some of the fuckers who run our institutions; twats like Dave Roberts, a man with a beard, who is one of the people who is in charge of barely understands that his job entails deporting illegal immigrants.
Even we dedicated small staters normally accept that law and war are two things best left to government. But the appalling state of the Home Office does make you wonder. We've privatised parking enforcement...maybe we could do the same with tracking down illegal immigrants. Fire Dave and his team and use the money to fund freelance bounty hunters. It would have to be an improvement on where we are now.

Bring on Boba Fett...

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