Friday, May 19, 2006

Nightcap Syndication

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been working upon a little project with everyone's favourite Worstall and we'd be grateful if you'd check it out for a little beta-testing.
Wonder if a few people would like to spend 10 minutes doing some Beta testing?

Specifically, register, and then have a look in your spam filters for a few of the lottery, phishing etc scams. Add them into the relevant sections.

This will help us test the registration procedure ?(Duh!) and make sure that access is properly granted etc. The spam emails? We want to build a database that Google can see so that if people start to check these things they’ll find out they are a scam.

There’ll be a lot more to the site but that’s coming a little later.

Do feel free to hop on over to Nightcap Syndication and give it a shot...

I'm going to keep this post at the top for a while.


Katy Newton said...

Does it enable you to travel forward in time? I thought I'd lost the last half of the week when I looked at the date.

Katy Newton said...

Oh, I see. Must learn to read things more carefully.

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