Thursday, May 25, 2006

Naked ambition

Via Bookdrunk, I have discovered this farcical story.
A district nurse has been cleared by a court of indecent exposure after sunbathing naked in her garden.

Lynett Burgess, 55, from Llandyfriog, near Cardigan in west Wales, was filmed by a "shaken" neighbour in July 2005 and was charged by police.

The prosecution at Cardigan Magistrates Court said Ms Burgess's nude sunbathing was "not normal" behaviour.

But magistrates cleared her, adding that it was accepted she did not intend to "cause harm or distress".

Good thing too; since when do we prosecute people for not behaving normally, for fuck's sake?
The court heard that Ms Burgess's next-door neighbour Morien Jones, 34, filmed her sunbathing naked and took the video to police.

Father-of-three Mr Jones told magistrates: "I was renovating the back of my home with a local builder when Ms Burgess appeared in her garden.

"She walked back and fore completely naked - I went to get my video camera to record the incident.

Oh yeah? I suppose that you had to play it through a couple of hundred times and over the course of a few weeks in order to verify what it was that she was doing, eh?
"I have been extremely shaken by this. It has been very upsetting and worrying. I don't want to bring up my children in such an environment."

Come anywhere near Edinburgh and you'll get extremely vigourously shaken by me, you unpleasant, sack of shit. The only bad example for your children here is your appallingly disproportionate behaviour, you fucking toadying little cunt: it's people like you who make politicians think that they can barge us into a police state; fuckwits like you welcome police interference in people's lives.

In the name of all that's unholy, I know you're Welsh but couldn't you try using a modicum of sense and decency? Why not talk to her, if it upsets you that much, rather than dobbing her into the police? Ugh, you make me want to be sick.
Prosecutor Maggie Hughes said sunbathing nude "could be grossly offensive to normal decent persons in society".

She asked Ms Burgess: "What kind of kick do you get from this behaviour?"

Ms Burgess replied: "I take exception to the word kick and find you prudish."

Ms Hughes added: "I may be prudish but it's not normal for people to sunbathe in the nude."

Dear Ms Hughes, please go fuck yourself, you time-wasting arse. And try turning the lights on when fucking your husband. I find people chewing gum "grossly offensive" but I don't go complaining to the courts about it.

God, people are so fucking stupid sometimes...

UPDATE: I have been contacted by one of the parties in question, who had a complaint upheld. This reads as follows.
Complainant Name:
Mr Morien Jones

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Times

Mr Morien Jones of Dyfed complained that the newspaper had inaccurately reported – and published criticism of him on the basis – that he had filmed his neighbour sunbathing naked in her own garden. In fact, his neighbour was filmed – for the purposes of providing evidence for a prosecution – when she was walking naked on and around Mr Jones’ property.

The complaint was resolved when the newspaper removed the relevant articles from the internet and published the following apology:
“In articles concerning a case at Cardigan of indecent exposure (News, May 25; Comment, May 26) we reported that Morien Jones told the magistrates that he had videotaped his neighbour, Lynett Burgess, sunbathing naked in her garden. In fact the film of a naked Miss Burgess was taken while she was on Mr Jones' property, walking along the shared drive and in front of his house. No film of Miss Burgess on her own property was taken. The footage was taken by a builder who had been recording renovations to Mr Jones' house. Mr Jones had called the police because he was concerned about the effect Miss Burgess' actions were having on his three young children. We apologise for the errors and for any misleading impression given of Mr Jones.”

Report: 73

I am happy to publish this information.


Anonymous said...

I had a rant about this one, too. The fuckwit was so shaken, that he took time out to make a video - what a mean little shit. And she ended up in court.

MatGB said...

That's what I was thinking; surely she could have a case against him for something? This sort of thing was why my parents bought a house with high hedges around; my mother's taste for not wearing much meant it was easier for her.

Didn't do her skin any good though, but that's not really related. Well said DK.

"Not normal"? Filming your fucking neighbour in her own garden isn't normal either. Sitting in the flat typing blog comments ll night isn't normal either. We're all doomed...

Anonymous said...

"Father-of-three Mr Jones told magistrates: "I was renovating the back of my home with a local builder when Ms Burgess appeared in her garden."

I bet the builder didn't complain.......

Anonymous said...

Yep, *he* should have been in the dock, the filthy little man. Since when was rushing off to get the camcorder and filming you're nude neighbour "normal" and "decent" ? I've noticed that both the Sun and Blair also love invoking "normal, decent, hard working families" before they bash some other mug with a mind of their own. So Mz Hughes is in good company.

Katy Newton said...

But the main thing is that he's setting his kids an example of normal responsible citizenhood.

RobC said...

Sadly the stupid seems to be increasing worldwide... I sense it is time for a cull.

Anonymous said...

That is way weird. With the amount of sun y'all get over there, I don't doubt some want to get as much of it as they can! No crime there ~ I live in Texas for goodness sake, you can't walk anywhere without finding sunbathing chicks in your way ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thought we were beginning to see the last of this sort of attitude when Mary Whitehouse did us all a favour by pegging out but it seems to be creeping back. Islam and the Christian right in equal proportion I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Reading this I would agree with you but ………..

The Press / Media outfit the papers bought the story from err…I’ll be kind and say they got it wrong. I’ve already had an apology from the BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, the Daily Mail, The News & Star, The Yorkshire Post, & the Independent.

I am Morien Jones - the neighbour who provided some of the police evidence that took Lynette Burgess to court.

I feel I must correct some facts.

1) The filmed naked incident happened on my property, in front of my house and down the path to the main road and absolutely NOT in Lynette Burgess’ garden as she claims, but the film proves this. This has been widely miss-reported by the National Papers, initially including the BBC Web-site. I’ve since had an apology from the BBC.

2) I DID NOT SAY ” She walked back and fore completely naked - I went to get my video camera to record the incident.” as the BBC reports. The video was taken by the builder and not Mr. Jones (myself) and this is provable, as I can be seen in some shots . Originally we were filming the renovation of the house and she walked passed. We videoed from inside the living room, to protect ourselves against false accusations which she is prone to making. We were very wary of this neighbour who had accused us of “Controlling her water”, and had employed a builder to knock down our coal shed in the first few days of us moving there, and someone had pushed dead animals through our letter-box.

Lots of things had made the situation tense before Lynette’s naked wanderings. We had been advised by the police to keep a record and gather evidence.

3) The naked walk was not an individual incident and adds to a long list of events that are being put together if ever a case for harassment is undertaken.

4) The Crown Prosecution Unit originally took on this case as :- Harassment / Indecent Exposure and later dropped the Harassment charge because Harassment is notoriously difficult to prove. Therefore we were left with just the video incident to talk about, and no other events after. There is a long list of more sinister events to consider.

5) I have no objection to her nude sunbathing on her own property; I draw the line at wandering my property.

6) L.Burgess was arrested last week for Criminal Damage.

It is very easy to create a stereotype and then knock him down, but is it not the responsibility of newspapers, to collect all the facts before printing a story or point of view?

What is particularly disturbing is the “over the neighbour fence” slurs and Lynette Burgess’ much quoted “how they were able to see me, I just don’t know.” – with tiny research it becomes quite obvious how she was seen.

The question in people’s minds should have been “How do you feel about naked, possibly disturbed people strolling through your own property?”

Some facts of this case have been blurred. In my opinion this blurring in the National Press has allowed Lynette Burgess to continue her campaign of harassment on a national scale.


Morien Jones

lizzie said...

I can't believe anyone can support a flabby (yes, she's flabby) middle-aged woman exposing herself to children.
It's nothing to do with sunbathing. I know this woman. Why do you think she left her last house?
It's do do with harrassment and bullying; hers, not Morien Jones, who was protecting his children. I wouldn't want my childen being exposed to the unlovely Mrs (or is she Miss or Ms these days? and whose name is she taking, I wonder?)Burgess's genitalia.
What does Miss Mrs/Ms Lyneth/Lynette/ Burgess's (any other names you fancy, Lyn?)daughter think of all this?

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