Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Move along, no lollipop to see here...

Good Lord! Via the Ranting Guttersnipe, this story of a lollipop man who went beyond the call of duty—something rare in a public sector worker, let's face it—and has been banned from helping children across a busy road.
Michael Hunt, an ex RAF officer who is now lollipop man, went beyond his call of duty by helping children cross a busy road.

He was employed to help primary school children cross one road of a T-junction in Marown, Isle of Man. However, he started helping those who were struggling to cross the other adjacent road too.

Nanny didn't like that, and her chums in the Isle of Man transport dept told him to stop helping on this second road.


It's too dangerous, Nanny said that the second crossing did not meet safety requirements.

Nanny's solution?

Simple, the children must cross by themselves.

Mr Hunt's response: "The politest thing I can say is that it is a load of horse manure."

The politest thing that I can say is that the Isle of Man transport department are a bunch of feckless, jumped-up, form-ticking jobworths with all of the common sense and human compassion of a particularly evil, psychopathic weasel. The useless fuckers.

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