Friday, May 19, 2006

Is it 'cos I is black?

No, Joseph, I don't hate you because you are black—I didn't know you were—but because you are a cock-sucking, racist shitbag who seems to think that he is justified in foisting his disgusting, bigoted views upon the rest of us; further, you seem to have rather less self-knowledge than Tony Blair. Over to Mr Eugenides...
I am happy to admit that I have prejudices and biases, just as Harker does, but object deeply that a man whom I have never met can accuse me of racism simply on the basis of the colour of my skin. That is the very definition of racism, and what I would never previously have believed is now clear to me: the Deputy Comment editor of the Guardian is a racist.

Mr E is right: Joseph Harker, you are a racist. Furthermore, as a senior member of The Guardian, I assume that—economically and politically—you are also a Lefty; I wonder who you should vote for to see your agenda realised?

Can anyone else think of any economically left-wing, racist political parties?


Anonymous said...

I have just read the Guardian artice and found it thouroughly offensive.

At least now I have an inkling of what it is like to be the subject of a racist attack, an experience I found deeply disturbing.

Most interesting is my urge to buy a white van to put my newly purchased flag on.

I don't think I'll go so far as to actually watch the football though

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Harker should have his fantasies granted to him. Let's drag the cunt down to a convenient crossroads and lynch him. Anyone got any white sheets going spare?

Katy Newton said...

PJ, if you think that's a proportionate response to Harker's stupid and offensive article then there is something wrong with you. And if you think that lynching is funny then you should be sectioned. When people like you say things like that it stifles debate on race issues as much as idiots like Harker do.

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