Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Really Did Tell You So

Critics of the national identity database rarely say things like 'I hate to say it but I told you..' That limited form of empathy vanishes for this govenrment because it's determined to go ahead with the scheme no matter what moral, financial or techical problems emerge. Even a giant flaming turd of a problem that cannot be flushed or smothered is held aloft as proof of problems that the ID database will solve, rather than exacerbate.

So let's all glory in this case-study of human interaction with supposedly secure systems - where the human is always the weakest link:

An internal investigation at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has found that civil servants are colluding with organised criminals to steal personal identities on "an industrial scale".

Ministers have been privately warned that the investigation will show that hundreds of thousands of stolen personal details have been ripped off from official databases, often with inside help. Key personal details such as national insurance numbers can be used to commit benefit fraud, set up false bank accounts and obtain official documents such as passports.

Goodness - the only thing worse would be if corrupt civil servants had access to all of our biometric information as well.

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RfS said...

I think I said this a while ago.

A trot friend of mine "works" at DWP when this all kicked off and he said it was an inside job, his wife got "stolen".

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