Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good news from Iraq

Right For Scotland produces a nice little summary of the US DoD report entitled Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq.
This increased political stability backed by a growing armed security force has resulted in a strengthened fiscal position. Currency is steady, the debt is decreasing and income from oil exports remains reliable although there are still major problems in electricity generation.

This report clearly paints a very positive picture of the country despite interference from British, Iranian and Syrian jihadists. With a stable, well trained Army and police force accountable to a nationally representative elected government backed by an increasingly stable economy, the report clearly indicates that Iraqi people, thanks to the American, British and Australian armed forces, can look forward to a prosperous future of self-determination.

Now, I know that all you Lefties are going to say how it is all lies, that they are just telling Bush what he wants to hear, that, in fact, millions of Iraqis are attempting—for reasons known only to themselves—to plunge the country into civil war with all of the misery and disruption that goes with it and that the whole thing is still a fucking disaster; but those of us who are optimists—whose hearts were gladdened by the fact that 70% of the population hauled themselves, on foot for miles, to vote a year ago—see grounds for hope here.

Now, if Iran would just fuck off and stop providing personnel, money, weaponry and explosives, the whole process could carry on that bit faster...


Anonymous said...

Double Amen to that.

And I still don't understand how people can argue with ousting a madman, building thousands of schools, tons of infrastructure, and, of course, all the voting.


Anonymous said...

"Now, if Iran would just fuck off..."

Yeah, if only the situation was just a little bit less, you know, complex...

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