Friday, May 05, 2006

first past on the reshuffle

The Guardian currently seems to have the best details of the reshuffle, though I've culled this from various sources. Current details of those deck-chair on the Titanic movements run like this:
  • Charles Clarke returns to the backbenches

  • John Prescott 'stripped of his departmental brief,' (though frankly I think it better if he remain within his briefs, ho ho ho.)

  • Jack Straw moved from Foreign Office to leadership of the Commons

  • Geoff Hoon moves from leadership of Commons to the Foreign Office, with responsibility for Europe.

  • Margaret Beckett will also be in the Foreign Office, dealing with 'the rest of the world,' heaven help them.

  • Alistair Darling moves from Transport to Trade.

  • Hilary Armstrong sacked as chief whip and replaced by Jacqui Smith.

  • Alan Johnston is "expected to take over from Ruth Kelly" as Education Minister.

  • The lord chancellor, Lord Falconer, is expected to be made leader of the Lords, replacing Baroness Amos.

  • Hazel Blears has been promoted to become the Labour party chairwoman.

I also saw speculation that Hilary Benn was being moved from International Development to 'something more senior' but that seems to have been updated out of existence.

So - at the moment - the people out of a job seem to be Charles Clarke, Baroness Amos, Hilary Armstrong, John Prescott (though he's still supposedly the deputy-PM) and Ruth Kelly. More details when the remaining positions (including trade) are announced.

The Guardian understands that Gordon Brown was not consulted by Tony Blair about the changes, except where the Treasury was involved. The chancellor told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he had played no part in the process, saying it was "his [Tony Blair's] reshuffle".


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