Monday, May 08, 2006

A fantastic rant from Unity, now safely installed in his new office at The Ministry of Truth.
In case you hadn’t already worked it out, Blair has absolutely no fucking intention of resigning any time soon and if you’re wanting an ordely transition your best bet looks to be a bullet in the back of the fucker’s head - at least that’d be quick, final and well worth the price of a bottle of carpet shampoo and a bit of replacement wallpaper for No 10 - just don’t let Derry Irvine pick the fucking wallpaper if it’s going on your credit card.

Andrew Motion can stick it up his arse: now that's poetry!


Anonymous said...

I'll leave it to bookdrunk to explian why Mark Oaten is a tosser AND your post is objectionable as it contains every nasty little homophobic aside going including paedophilic references. get a grip! Wasn't it eenough to blame it on male pattern baldness? Backs to the wall? Really?

Devil's Kitchen said...

My dear Anonymous, I knew that someone would say something like this. Bookdrunk (and I almost posted that he would probably tell me off) knows me well enough to know that my tongue is firmly in my cheek.

As someone who has slept with a man -- just to see if I was that way inclined -- and who spent a good few years hanging around the gay scene (always a lot of fun) I hardly think that I am the kind of reactionary, bigoted cunt that you think I am. Not on this particular issue anyway. The "backs to the wall" comment was rather more of a snide aside on the kind of reactionary, middle-class people that one can imagine Mark hanging out with.

Don't take yourself so seriously.


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.S. How do you connect the paedophile comment which a father (a man) lusting after is daughter (a girl). Furthermore, the point was a rejection of that aspect. He turns her down: the flashback was to when he was with his male friend.

I'm sorry, was I being too subtle for you?


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.P.S. You commented on the wrong post...


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