Saturday, May 06, 2006

EU Referendum discusses the BNP results.
In all, BNP stood contested 16 of the 30 wards up for grabs and, in addition to winning one of them, came second in nine, third in four seats and fourth in only two. Moreover, in the seats contested by BNP candidates, their share of the vote was 27.5 percent, beating marginally the national share of the Lib-Dems, and beating Labour by a margin of nearly two points.

Contrasting the projected national share of the vote for the Tories – at 40 percent - in the wards contested locally by BNP, their overall share struggled to reach 29 percent, less than two points ahead of their right-wing challenger. Labour fared even less well in those wards, taking 27.4 percent of the vote overall – actually less than the BNP, while the Lib-Dims made a mere 20 percent.

At risk of Harding accusing me of being a racist and BNP-sympathiser, I say again that we simply cannot ignore the BNP.


Katy Newton said...
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Cedalion said...

I was at the Power Inquiry Conference today and I sighted the Harding. Ginger and balding, shite taste in clothes, (student c.1989) with boots that are badly in need of a polish, it has to be said that he was less of an impressing sight. Only Peter Tatchell had more badges. I sat down opposite at lunch, thinking to myself this could not be the same person. Then I heard his stinking chat. Tories, Brighton, yadayada. I want to ask one question, which may answer everything. "Has Neil Harding ever been laid?"

My own opinion, NO. THE MAN IS A VIRGIN

Fidothedog said...

If John "2 inches" Prescott can get laid, then there is hope for Neil Harding.

Katy Newton said...

Dammit, there is nothing wrong with having red hair!

Anonymous said...

It is not sympathetic to realise that the BNP are tapping into something that is not being addressed by Labour (the natural home of protectionism). And I don't think all those voting for the BNP are either racist or just using a "protest vote" (whatever one of those is).

Bill said...

Whilst I agree with your underlying point that the BNP should not be 'ignored', they did well only in very isolated pockets of England; is there, at this time, a realistic fear of their successes in Bradford and a small part of Essex being repeated widely throughout the country, particularly at a Westminster election? I think not. What is certainly striking, though, is that (just as in the 1930s) the rise of a fascistic 'right-wing' party is largely, although not exclusively, a left-wing phenomenon, despite it (the BNP) being what some in 'New' Labour persist in seeing as a right-wing party.

Devil's Kitchen said...


In response to the comment about what we do, well, what I believe we should do is basically laid out in the "Britain should be Great" post.

I don't believe that people necessarily vote for the BNP because they are against immigrants per se: they feel that they are getting a raw deal and they blame immigrants.

If we instilled a sense of national pride, made people feel that they were working for a purpose that they could be proud of (viz. the "Blitz spirit") then I believe that this would go a long way to counter the jingoistic parochialism of the BNP.

We should instill a sense of pride in this nation,, and show people how trade with the rest of the world will better both ourselves and those that we trade with, e.g. developing countries.

This is in direct contrast to the isolationist politbureau-style economic and political measures advocated by the BNP. But my way would make people feel proud of their country, which is what the BNP taps into.

It would also do far more than NuLabour's ludicrous citizenship test to enable immigrants to integrate; because they want to be British citizens, not just economic migrants.


Katy Newton said...

I agree. One of the things that I liked about being in New York was that everyone you spoke to, even those whose English was barely recognisable, all proudly described themselves as being from New York or American, and yet were all obviously also very proud of and loyal to their ethnic background. I'm sure that NYC has all sorts of problems under the surface which I wasn't able to see as a tourist, but I think that kind of patriotism is worth working towards.

Anonymous said...

DK & Katy, I agree with you (though being a genuine American makes it extraordinarily easy to do). The immigrants/new citizens I've spoken with came here to BE American, not just to live. And I'm from Texas, I get to speak to a lot of them!
I think that's why America is so kick-ass awesome ~ hope I'm allowed to say ass... ;o)
Britain has a wonderful history, great reasons to be proud. The old and the new should be able to see and claim that as their own.

Anonymous said...

all those illegal immigrants on those protests in the U.S. waving the stars and stripes says a heck of lot about the integrationist attitude of America.

they actually WANT to be American citizens.

unlike the Islamic nutcases in Galloway's RESPECT party.

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