Friday, May 26, 2006

An egotistical meme

I might as well take up the P-G's meme: why not?
  • I am your tall, dark stranger

  • I want to be safe and happy

  • I wish I could afford to buy the latest Apple kit

  • I hate it when people that I love leave. Oh yes, and I hate the bunch of devious fuckers who rule us but most especially The Gobblin' King

  • I love both myself and blogging too much

  • I miss those happy times that I carry in my head, even when I know that they were actually far from perfect and, already, my best friend who left this morning

  • I fear my affinity for alcohol

  • I hear the criticisms I level at myself

  • I wonder when I shall feel grown-up

  • I regret trusting certain people

  • I am not one to suffer fools gladly

  • I dance in a highly adrogenous manner and always alone

  • I sing when I am down

  • I cry at sad and triumphant films, for lost loves, when people are kind to me, and at the violin notes in Before

  • I am not always in the mood for being entertaining

  • I make with my hands the shapes of angels

  • I write because I do it more elegantly and articulately than I speak

  • I confuse those who don't get my slightly twisted sense of humour

  • I need to fucking well get on with my paperwork and my life

  • I should stop dithering and make the decisions that I know that I need to

  • I start very well, but need to be bullied into continuing

  • I finish when the sun comes up

Anyone else who wants a go, feel free.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when I'll feel "grown up" as well. Seems like it should be anytime now... but I guess you probably never really do.
Maybe kids brings that along :o)

Katy Newton said...

Nice meme. I tagged myself. I am the self-tagging type.

Anonymous said...

Oh all right then. It's not a bad one.

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