Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DK Elsewhere

Judge DreddDK looking almost professional, thanks to the nice people at Wanabehuman...

A slightly edited and more polished version of my Middle Eastern post is up as my inaugural submission to Wanabe Human.

Timmy posted about them a while back (though I can't find his original entry): essentially, they will help you to edit your article to proper journalistic standards. The editorial submission process was an interesting learning experience, and I've come away with some good tips. I recommend that you give it a shot.

You can email them at: wanabehuman[AT]gmail[DOT]com

In other news, your humble Devil got his submission in on time for The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze, so do go and order your copy, eh?


Anonymous said...

What?! You're a bloke? Until I saw your picture, I had assumed you were a middle-aged Chinese woman.

This changes everything.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I was: it's amazing what they can do with surgery these days...


Anonymous said...


How is your arithmetic?

Must say I liked you post on wanabehuman, and it is a well designed site. Nearly as good as yours. But they edited out all your anglo-saxon

Yesterday, I see they had 37 hits.

Er...am I missing something here?

Maybe they should submit some articles to you?


Devil's Kitchen said...

Good point, Doc. It's very tempting, eh? Pity: the concept of Wanabehuman was nice; I think that they just expected that more people would, as it were, flock to the banner.

Also, although the design of their site is OK, there seem to be some horrible code clashes that mean loading problems, and they really have stretched Blogger to the limits of its capacity. They would be far better moving to another system.

However, it is an example of my writing that ain't peppered with swearwords: you never know, I may want to go down the "getting some paid writing like what Worstall does" route. After all, I think that Middle East post is one of my better ones, and it only took 40 minutes or so...


MatGB said...

Dr John, I think the difference is that DK has many many readers, whereas they actually have editing skills.

Editing skills are not writing skills, us bloggers could probably do with a few more. That is actually a quite remarkable work, it's identifiably the same article, but it just looks so muc more polished.

Maybe I should throw them some of my more theoretical stuff. Hmmm. Anyway, time to collapse.

Unknown said...


Just a note to say thanks for the comments regarding Wanabehuman.

We have indeed stretched Blogger.com to its limits and pushing it even further as the days go by.

But I think one of the comments hit the nail on the head, as it were: some Bloggers may have the audience, but we have the editing capacity. It is one of our aims to bring together traiditional media working practices with emerging participatory media.

And another is to ask our writers to be balanced, impartial, express diversity of opinions, and keep things in perspective when thinking about a topic from an analytical point of view.

The weblog will be 1-year-old on 22 June this year. I hope you will all help us celebrate by spreading the word about Wanabehuman: Virtue is Knowledge.

Kind regards,

Wanabehuman Team

Tim Worstall said...

Glad you tried that out. It’s an interesting experience being edited, isn’t it?

Now, how we doing with our version of this open source newspaper?

Jim said...

I read the polished version at Wannabe Human and left a comment there. I'd actually like to see more foreign affairs stuff here; your realist outlook gives a refreshing perspective, and swearing at various Labour figures has to get old sometime ... right?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

The venerable Worstall purports to be earning squillions writing for the MSM - all on the back of his blog.

How did he do it?


Anonymous said...

Oh shit


I have just noticed that I am no longer top of the list of your referrers.

What do I do?

Should I publish your picture on my site? Would this help?


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