Thursday, May 25, 2006

Diary of a fool

As some of you may know, I am an eager devourer of The Spectator, but occasionally something really annoys me. Yesterday's irritation is a new regular column called Diary Of A Notting Hill Nobody and, believe me, few more apt titles exist. It purports to be written by someone in the Cameron camp named Tamzin Lightwater (whose given email address does not work); thus I was forced to send this to the editor.
Dear Tamzin,

I am very sorry, but I think that I may not have grasped the point here. I am unable to discern whether you are someone who is actually in Tory Party HQ who writes like a complete moron, or whether you are a very clever girl pastiching David Cameron's latest rubbish in a moronic manner.

I was wondering whether you could enlighten me?


I assume that it is written by new editor D'Ancona's girlfriend or something. Or, and I don't know if he has children, his 12 year old daughter. It is drivel of the very first water. Steer well clear...

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dearieme said...

"of the very first water": Christ, are there two of us who still use archaic slang like that? At least I don't say "cunt".

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