Saturday, May 27, 2006

Considered Comment

Good Lord! A good review at First Foot!
At first I was slightly put off by all the vernacularisms, and I labelled TDK as a bit of a thug, to be honest. A thug with his heart firmly in the right place, albeit. But reading through the whole blog, I very much like this man. Intelligence, wit, scathing contempt for socialism/Nu-Labour, and yes, a degree of self-deprecating humility too, in places. I would buy this f*****g c*** a pint!

Which leads me neatly into what I was originally going to say: I am aware that, for some, the swearing is a bit strong. I also know that many enjoy it. This blog is written very much in character—the character of someone who is really fucked off—and, as such, it allows me to let off steam. I also suspect that many of my readers come here because they enjoy the ranting and raving: it is, if you like, my selling point.

The Devil's Kitchen has featured in both The Guardian and The Telegraph, but each time featuring words written by somebody else. Alas, my sweary style is far too indelicate to be published. Given the imminent release of Nightcap Syndication and Scooptwords plus, of course, Timmy's success in this field, it has occurred to me that doing the odd article that is fit to be put in a family paper might—just might—bring in a little cash. Even if it should not do so, attempting to hone my writing will be a good exercise in and of itself.

And, just occasionally, I am moved to write articles that are a little more serious—more philosophical—and they tend to get lost amidst the maestrom of rage.

To this end, I have started up a new blog, Devil's Kitchen Comment: the first new article to appear on there is an edited version of my Britain Should Be Great post. Having had a very interesting (and wildly off-topic) discussion with some people over at Comment Is Free, I also now have some interesting research papers on electricity generation on the moon—which should segue nicely into the book review that I am currently doing for the Liftport Group—so I would imagine that the next article or two will be something to do with space and power.

So, in future, when I write more considered pieces, they will be posted over on DK Comment, and a notification placed here.


Anonymous said...


Your style is your style and you know what you are talking about. Expletives acceptable in context. Soft porn elements when writing about Polly detracts from the basic message. Calling her a stupid bitch is one thing. You can give her a good Fisking without the detail of Gordon having it off with her. You can tell me to fuck off with this patronising comment.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Nah, any advice is welcomed.

I may even take some of it onboard...


MatGB said...

Like the idea, and the post actually, will give it a proper read through later, but agree with certain elements (the pointless guilt in place of pride of acheivement for example). You might want to fix the typos though; "a federation of coutries"? ;-)

Agree with Cracker about some of the Polly stuff, you've got a pretty big pagerank now, if she googles her name she'll run away completely, a little less sexual stuff and she may take some of it onboard. Well, ok, maybe some of her fans will. They exist, scarily.

Re the new site, only real comments are stylistic; you're using br and bold for your headlines, much beter to use headers, then you can both style them separately, and reduce the padding, which grates when I'm reading; don't like too much padding. Plus, headers are better google-fu, and google-fu rules.

Suggestion; rewrite your nature of the beast post, make it a lot more backed up and lay off the specific allegation of fascism and replace it with running the parallels. Then I can use it when I'm talking about their authoritarian corporitist tendencies...

Also; favicon. I've finally fixed mine, although it's not great, it's still better than blogger, yours here is pretty good.

Katy Newton said...

"Soft porn elements when writing about Polly detracts from the basic message."

Maybe. But I still enjoy them tremendously.

Katy Newton said...

Not in that way, you understand.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I only come here for the swearing.

Well, OK, that and the Polly/Gordo porn. Phwoarr.

Anonymous said...


You may have to create a soft porn third site for the dirty mac brigade - count me in.

Anonymous said...

Good, very very good. Keep writing just the way you do. I start my day with DK (that and a bacon sandwich) and there's no substitute.

Anonymous said...

DK Lite

Hmm.... I'm not so sure.

Following on from recent discussions, you could take over from Bron in Private Eye. It's never been the same since he left.

And if you do continue with DK Lite, Polly might say something nice about you when you die.

Imagine the shame


Richard Brown said...

I find the blog fascinating, funny and insightful.... it's one of the first I turn to in my RSS reader each day.... keep it up.

I suspect your devastating critiques of the stupidity of the likes of Toynbee would be even stronger without marching quite so deeply into the realm of the ad hominem, however.

That, combined with the recurring trips into homophobia (e.g. some of the pieces you did on Oaten), can reinforce the belief amongst many that those with a right-wing outlook on economics are necessarily bigoted, misogynistic homophobes. I suspect you're probably not really any of those things (at least not entirely :-) ) and the blog would be harder to dismiss as the rantings of a madman were those elements toned down a little.

However you choose to proceed, I enjoy reading your pieces and look forward to more.

Gavin said...

DK, very pleasantly surprised to see my words reprinted here, as it was I who wrote that review! I'd forgotten all about it actually, so when I saw the quote just now it was like getting deja-vu: "how wierd! Those words seem so familiar....Oh yeah, of course, it was me!"
(And you still haven't paid me for it, you tight fisted bastard! lol)

Devil's Kitchen said...

Ha! I did wonder...


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